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Recycle-Reuse, Enjoy!!!

Hi everyone, glad to be here once again at "So You Think You’re Crafty".  I love to create new things, but I love even more, when i can create something new from something old.  I wanted to make something for the holidays, I always make my own ornaments and this time I wanted to make them out of something recycled.  I purchased a make up kit and it came with a nice bag, the bag was wrapped on this thin material.
I love working with Viva Decor paints, and I have found several types of paints on-line and decided to make some little ornaments to hang for the holidays. I've been making my own ornaments for over 10 years now, and each year I like to add to my collection by making different types. I really enjoy using recycled materials in some of my projects, this one was easy and fun and looks so pretty. I will be making a few more to add to my tree, when I get one since I got rid of my old tree last year. 
So first lets show you the materials I used, here is a photo that show…