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Oh Christmas Trees!

Hi there, with the holidays so close it's time to start making some crafty gifts.  I found some cute little glass containers that I can decorate with tiny little trees and then fill them with some fun candies or cookies to give out to family and co-workers. 

I decided to do some etching on the glass containers and then add some fun glass paints, decorating the top lids and then simply filling them up with some fun candies latter on.  

I wanted some fun trees, hand traced to make each one different, this bottle shows a tree on each side, as you can see on the two photos below, I used the Etchall® Designer Tip to create each little tree, following the instructions, you leave the etching cream on the glass for 15 minutes, then you can rinse the cream off under running water, dry and your glass is ready to decorate anyway you want.

Here you can see a close up of the etching cream, and you can see how I made the trees.

 This photo shows the etched trees on the glass once you rinse off the …

Time for Giving...... Gifts with Heart!

I love to create all types of crafts, sometimes they are based on the season we are in, or just something pretty that I can give to someone, for  a birthday or just because.  I went to an art center that is near my home about two weeks ago on a Saturday evening, it as a ladies DIY night, now I've never attended this type of event before and figured it might be fun to craft along other ladies, since at home I usually craft alone most of the time.   It was fun, there were about ten ladies in including the instructor.   So the set up was a craft on your own, there were 5 tables for 5 craft projects and one table that had all these hot glue guns ready for us to use.   The projects were simple, we were told how to do each project, simple and easy was the idea, and it was.   There were a couple of people that had never done this before, but the projects were easy.  I had fun, I got to craft along with other people and made some nice items that will make great gifts for the coming holid…