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Blessing Filled Little Glass Jars!

I went to an estate sale last summer and they were about to end it, I just happened to be coming from Panera, I had to make a coffee run mid day.  I looked around and found a tray full of these small glass bottles, they all had a piece of masking tape on the lids, that looked very old.  There had to be about 20 jars, I asked how much for all, and well I believed I paid like $2.00 for all of them.  I figured I would be able to make fun designs on them.
First step, adding the vinyl letter where you want them to be, here you can see one bottle has the word"Joy" on one side, the other two I placed letters on all sides, one spells out the word "Peace", the other "Noel", once I had all the letters placed, I added masking tape to the areas I didn't want to etch.

Here you can see the glass bottle inside the plastic cup, I added the liquid after to make sure there was enough  etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid without going up over the masking tape, I didn't wan…

DIY Holiday Decorating - Noel!

Hi there, I've had several glass blocks at home and had wondered how to decorate them for the holidays, finally I decorated one for my office.  I decided to paint some poinsettias and add the word Noel.

It was a very simple and easy project and looked so pretty right along my other etched items I made for my office.

You can add lights or battery type candles inside the glass block .  I just wrapped a pretty red wired ribbon and some gold ornaments to the top of the block and it was ready for display.

Materials used:
etchall site - Etchall cream, designer tip/bottle

Viva Decor Glass effect paints
Glass block
Red wire ribbon
Gold ornaments
Glitter glue

First thing I did was place my image on the inside of the glass block.

Second, I took my designer tip and added the etchall cream on all the areas I wanted to etch., as you can see on the photo below, some of the flower petals and leaves were only traced with the etching cream, but left alone so I can add color to these areas.

Once I …

Don't Be A Grinch!!!Have A Very Merry Christmas!

I made a couple of small painting of the Grinch holding a holiday ornament, I've seen this image on the Internet and decided to paint it.  I had a small mirror and decided to go ahead and paint the same image on it but I didn't want it to be shiny, I wanted a frosted look.
I had a sheet of tiny star stickers so I removed a few stars and took the sheet and placed it over one corner of the mirror, I wanted the stars to be frosted too but I wanted a bit of the shiny mirror to remain.  The photo below shows the film I placed on a corner, I started to add the etching cream carefully making sure not to get any under the film, I wanted that area to remain shiny. 

Next I took the etching cream from Etchall to cover the entire mirror and used the etchall squeegee to spread out the cream, this tiny tool is the best way to apply the cream.  I left the etching cream on the mirror for 15 minutes as directed, after the time is up you can remove as much of the cream as possible using the squee…