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Etched Hearts, Wine and Candy makes for a perfect Family Valentine

Hi there, I wanted to share a fun project I made for St. Valentine's I made these for my family, to celebrate with a sip of wine on St. Valentine's. I have to admit I'm not much of a wine person, I don't drink much, but if I do I much rather have a margarita.
I wanted to make some fun glasses, so I decided to cut out different size hearts and use both the hearts and the outline of the heart, nothing goes to waste here.  I used Etchall-etchmask to make the hearts, I love how it adheres to the glass really good to preventetchall etching crème or etchall dip ‘n etchto get underneath it.  It allows you to get sharp lines and a smooth design.  You can use this product to cut out your own stencils by hand or by using a digital or manual cutter.
As you can see on the two large wine glasses, I used different patterns, using both the hearts and the cutouts, you can create two entirely different looks.  Now  I had these cute smaller glasses, my son called them fancy shot glasses…