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Resin, resin, resin, so much fun!!!

I'm a guest designer over at and have been working with all their different products.  I love everything so far, yes I have learned to make molds, to play with clear and casting resin, to use dyes and metallic powders, it has been a very amazing experience.  I love that I can use these products in many other ways, not just making molds and pouring resin to make objects.  I hate wasting, so in the process of learning how to use resin, I had some spillage here and there and once the resin was dried in the plastic cup I was using, I found it it comes right off, in the shape of the bottom of the cup, and is so easy to cut, so I've kept a few to use later on.

Well this past weekend I felt like playing around with some of the resin and some of the stuff I've done already, so I made these two images to be used as Halloween cards, but after looking at them for a bit longer, I think I might convert these into Halloween frames or plaques.

I just…

Jewelry Remake for Fall

This summer my sister found a way to get me to walk, she asked me if I would take her to a couple of garage sales, she was looking for yard stuff, like pots, plants, etc.  I have knee problems, and walking/standing is very painful, so I figure I would just drive her and wait in the car.  Well she was pretty smart and made me take her to sub-division's garage sales in different areas in Indiana.  Ok, so I did not wait in the car, I walked, and yes it was painful, but after weeks of doing this, not only did I get the exercise and movement I needed but some good old vitamin D, and some awesome finds.  
I looked for stuff I could use in my crafting, specially old jewelry pieces, even if they were broken, it didn't matter, if I thought I could use it, I bought it.  In one of my week end trips with my sister I found a pretty nice necklace, now I'm not a necklace person, but I liked the colors of the stones and the metal, it was a bit too heavy and too much for me to wear, I perso…