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Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Good morning everyone, it's time for another
Friday Festive Hop - to start at the beginning
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The card I made for this hop is the "Peace" Dove card -
very simple the dove is part of the paper design, I took some of Tim Holtz distress ink pads to add some
red color to the paper,  a sticker Merry Christmas  was used instead of a stamp, only because I was in a rush.
The word peace was cut out from the rest of the  page, glued some red paper to the word and glued it to
 the card using some of Helmar's glue.
I decided to add two more cards I had previously done -
 these were done with just stickers.  I hope you like these cards

Thank you for stopping by and please make sure to stop by
for more inspiration and hope you stop by for  the next FF Hop.

Quick Snippers + Paper = Jewelry & Accessories!!

I was asked to make some jewelry and hair accessories by using Quick Snipper and paper.  Now I have done jewelry with just about everything, from recycled clothes, beads, yarn, clay, duck tape, but not once did I think about using paper, until I was invited by LIMIRI, LLC to design some jewelry and accessories for them using the great Quick Snippers - what is Quick Snippers?  it's a great tool that consists of 6 scissors in one, each has a different design pattern.  These are just a few of the items I have created.  I have to admit that at the beginning I asked myself how can I use paper to create jewelry. Well after I cut my first shape, it was easy to just keep on cutting different papers and I was hooked.  I love making jewelry, love creating new designs every time.  I am so happy I was invited to make paper jewelry with this great tool.  Now lets face it a lot of us craft on the go, I know I do, weather it's paper, clay or duck tape; I always have something with me to crea…

Painting on Fabrics!

I just wanted to share some of the works I've done in the past.  I love painting and painting on fabric is something I have enjoyed very much.  All these items were sold a few years back. Some of the aprons were custom made, the others I just made them and all were sold right away.

I like to put a lot of detail and therefore it becomes time consuming to make one of these - so I have not done anymore, unless I have a request to do.  I was just asked to make a tote bag for a teacher, so I will get started on that very soon.

Hope you enjoy my work, I sure had a lot of fun making all of these items.

Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Hi, welcome to another Festive Friday Hop,  to start at the beginning of this Hop go back  to Terri's site. You should have arrived here from  If you missed it please go back and make  sure you visit her site.
Here is my card -I hope you like it. I have so  much making  cards.  I'm pretty new at using stamps -  and learning how to color them too! so hope you like  this one -
I am sorry but I don't have my list of  the materials I used.
Thank you for stopping by and please make sure to stop by for more inspiration and hope you stop by for  the next FF Hop.

pink water bottle headband

These are the materials I used to make a headband today during lunch - I thought maybe adding part of a water bottle would give the headband some shape.

this is the part of the water bottle that I used on this project
here you can see the part of the water bottle - as you can see it does give it shape - this will be the part of the headband that goes on the top of your head - it curves it a little so it will sit nicely on your head.
here you can see the finished head band base!
I added some eazy start tape to the part that has the water bottle band!
Here I took some white duck tape and covered it with the eazy start tape folded 2/3's and left the bottom exposed - I will need this glue part to adhere the tape to the headband - I'm going to make a fringed flower.
Here you can see the cuts I made to the tape - getting it ready to make a flower
Here is the finished headband - I will add some velcro to the ends so it can be wrapped around the head!
Here is a close up of the flower- right n…