Blog Hop with Marabu Creative USA Products

Welcome to our DCC Blog Hop with Marabu Creative USA products.  Make sure you start at the beginning of the hop click on the link above to start at the beginning.

I love to paint and I jumped at the chance to try some of the products from this brand.  This hop is sponsored by Marabu Creative USA products.  Let me tell you a little bit about the two products I received.

Porcelain & Glass Paint Markers  these are high-gloss porcelain and glass paint markers.  Ideal for painting on porcelain, ceramic, glass, Plexiglas and much more.  Pump system with highly pigmented ink, these are dishwasher safe after hat setting, they are water based, easy to use, they are permanent once heat set, and are available in two nib sizes

Porcelain Paints  this is a medium viscosity and highly pigmented, water-based paint designed for glazed and unglazed ceramic.  It can also be used on other surfaces such as Plexiglas, vinyl, and polypropylene. This paint becomes dishwasher safe after 3 days or you can h…

My Love for Art!

Hi there, for many, many years I've found art to be relaxing, to be an outlet to express how I feel, or to help me feel better. I love drawing, painting, creating art in one way or another, I love, love getting my fingers dirty with the many colors of paint, with resin, glue, you name it, well except for nail polish, because it always gets destroyed with ink and paints, LOL

Here are some of my art works I've done recently, a FaceBook friend Sandra Strait inspired me to get into Doodle drawing this year, I love her work and well I give her credit for inspiring me to start something new and fun and very addictive.  These are a few of the small Artist Tiles I've done, there's more.  Most of these started in black and white, later on I added color, I have to say my favorite is black ink, really fun to create with black, then see how everything transforms when you begin to add color, you have to know when to stop, sometimes I add a lot, sometimes just a little bit.

I hope y…

A Christmas Wreath!!!

Hi there today I want to share our November Blog Hop using great products from ColoriQue and U-Paint.  You can click here Designer Crafts Connection November Blog Hop to start at the beginning of the hop and see what all the designers have created for you.  I hope this Holiday Decor hop inspires you to create to either decorate your home for the holidays or make some wonderful gifts to share with loved ones and friends. 
I decided I needed a new wreath for my front door. This pretty metal tree was the perfect focal piece.  You can check their website to see all the different metal items you can chose from. U-Paint Metal Holiday Motifs

I chose three colors; Snow Summit, Verdigris and Ruby Slippers, you can check the link ColoriQuehere to get your own colors to play with, this is my first time using this product.
ColoriQue is an ink based product developed by Clearsnap® & jewelry artist Lisa Marie Jimenez. These colors are blendable and can be layered to obtain unique effects.  It&…

Hand Sculpting What I Imagine

Hi there, today I want to share something I love to do. I love working with my hands, and lately I've been sketching out ideas to make into some type of jewelry or to use in mixed media projects.  One of the products I like to use two part epoxy clay.  There are several brands out there and a while back I went to Michael's and found this jewelry clay on clearance so I figured I would give it a try.  It was pretty sticky, maybe it was old product, but at the end it did what I needed it to do. 
This is a self hardening clay, so there's no need to use a kiln or an oven to cure this product.  I got two packages one had black and white parts, the other had white and gray parts to mix.   Just like the two part epoxy clays, you take equal parts and mix them well until you only have one color like in the third photo below. Once the clay is mixed, you have about an hour or so to work with this clay before it begins to harden.  One of the reasons I like using this product is becaus…