Friday, August 18, 2017

Hand Sculpting What I Imagine

Hi there, today I want to share something I love to do. I love working with my hands, and lately I've been sketching out ideas to make into some type of jewelry or to use in mixed media projects.  One of the products I like to use two part epoxy clay.  There are several brands out there and a while back I went to Michael's and found this jewelry clay on clearance so I figured I would give it a try.  It was pretty sticky, maybe it was old product, but at the end it did what I needed it to do. 

This is a self hardening clay, so there's no need to use a kiln or an oven to cure this product.  I got two packages one had black and white parts, the other had white and gray parts to mix.   Just like the two part epoxy clays, you take equal parts and mix them well until you only have one color like in the third photo below. Once the clay is mixed, you have about an hour or so to work with this clay before it begins to harden.  One of the reasons I like using this product is because it hardens on it's own and when it cures completely (24 hours) it will be pretty hard, almost like stone. 

 Here are my two parts, ready to mix/blend together.

Now that the clay is all mixed, you can either place it inside a mold, or begin to sculpt your item by hand. (my favorite part)

Here are a few sketches of items I want to mold.

Well here you go, these are a few of the pieces I made, skulls in different sizes and each one different, made some tiny roses and different types of hearts.

Can you see the dimension added to some of the hearts? Once the base was hardened I went back and added borders and roses to some of the hearts to give them dimension. 

Tiny roses

Over the years I've had a lot of people asked me why I like to craft. At the beginning it was my way to relax, to get rid of stress, to clear my mind.  Soon after I began to challenge myself, to learn something new and to use crafting as a means to bring my ideas to life, I've been doing this for over 20 years, challenging myself to keep on learning.

For me to be able to use my hands to create what my mind sees, it's the best feeling in the world.  I love to create!!! How about you, are you crafty?  If so, why? Share with us the reasons you craft/create.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

MAY Blog Hop - Mod Podge® by Plaid

Hi there today we are having a great blog hop with Mod Podge® by Plaid,  please make sure to start over at the DCC Blog to stop and see what all the designers created with these fun and creative products and to enter for thet giveaway to win your own products, you have to comment on the DCC blog and enter using the Rafflecopter widget, so good luck on the giveaway. 

Now for my project I wanted to make something for Father's Day.  I have a small nephew his dad is about to graduate from boot camp and thought it would be nice to make this project for him to give to his dad when we go see him graduate and become a US Marine officer.  

This foam elephant puzzle had two sides, the front had the letters, so I used that as the back, I didn't want the alphabet to show.

Now let's get started with this fun Father's Day photo frame.  I used some jumbo craft sticks to create a fence and instead of painting it I decided to decoupage the sticks with the  Mod Podge ® Puzzle Saver.

Each side was covered with a different color of tissue paper, here you can see I assembled the craft sticks and then covered them with the mod podge . 

Next I placed the blue tissue paper over the sticks and waited for it to dry, it didn't take long.  

I flipped over the sticks, applied more mod podge and then placed the red tissue paper. Once both sides were dried, I cut off all the excess with the scissors and use a nail file to trim off the tissue paper from the ends of the sticks.    

Now time to work on the foam puzzle.  I removed the puzzle pieces from the center, this is where the photo is supposed to go.  

I used a foam brush to apply the puzzle saver to the entire foam puzzle. once it was completely covered I place a piece of Rinea foil paper over the entire foam puzzle, I used the blue and gold foil sheet, I wanted to blue side to be on the front of the puzzle, so below you can see the gold side, I left it alone to dry.

Here is the front side of the foam puzzle, I trimmed all the blue Rinea foil around the elephant. 

Here I was playing around with the placement of all the frame pieces.

The extra puzzle pieces I used to add a father's day message, I printed this on the computer, and then trimmed out the text, used mod podge to glue the text onto the puzzle pieces.

Below you can see how the frame was assembled.  I used the Mod Podge ® Super Gloss to glue the foam puzzle to the fence created with the craft sticks, also used it to add some green tissue paper below the elephant to resemble grass. 

Next I added the puzzle pieces with the #1 Dad text on the frame, to finish it all up, I covered the entire front of the elephant with the super gloss mod podge, I wanted a glossy finish on this frame. 

 Now we just need to wait for the mod podge to dry and it will be ready for the photo.

Here is the picture frame all ready for my nephew's photo.  This was a great project, something you can easily do with a child. I've been using Mod Podge® by Plaid for so many years, great products.

I hope I have inspired you to get crafty with Mod Podge®, don't forget to enter the giveaway and make sure to leave your comments on all the blog posts, we love to hear what you have to say about all the projects we create. 

Products provided by Plaid for this blog hop:

Other products used
Jumbo craft sticks
Bargain's Buys elephant foam puzzle
Tissue Paper - blue, red and green (recycled from a gift)
Rinea foil paper sheet (blue and gold)
Westcott's scissors
Nail file
Silver chord


Friday, April 21, 2017

Life isn't about Finding Yourself, it's about Creating Yourself!

Hi there, this month our Design Team got creative with Amazing Casting Products along with products from  StencilGirl Products.  Make sure to visit every designer's blog to see what fun and amazing projects they created to share with you.

I decided to use these two stencils, they just looked fun and I felt I could combine both by using the Amazing Mold Putty to make a mold of the two stencils.  Below you can see the two products I used to get started.  Be ready to see lots of photos, this mixed media project involved so many steps and days to complete, but I really hope you like it as much as I do. 

If you are not familiar with this product, Amazing Mold Putty is an FDA compliant 2 component silicone mold putty.  It's very easy to use, take equal amounts of Parts A and B and mix it by hand until you have one uniform color (yellow), it takes about 20 minutes to cure, but due to climate changes it might take less or more to cure. It will give you a flexible rubber mold that will capture as much detail as your original pieces.  This a a great product to make fast molds to use with resin, plaster, clay, wax, chocolate, soap and much more.

Above you see I tried to make one mold of the two stencils, one has very little detail, while the other has quite a lot and my attempt above didn't really give me much detail, the putty cured to fast for me. so I mixed a little bit more of the putty and spread it over the same area, yes the putty will adhere to itself as if it was glued together.  On my second attempt I got more detail so I'm now ready to go to the next step, coloring the mold.

In my head I know what I want to try, so I really hope (crossing fingers) this comes out perfect.  This is supposed to be  the main piece to an empowering poster I want to make for a special young lady that just graduated from college.  Is meant to empower, to show her that despite all the turmoil, the mistakes, the hard times, it's possible to accomplish your goals, your dreams with hard work and determination.  That if you look hard, you will find "YOU", the strong person within.

Before adding resin to the mold  I used a paint brush to add colors to the mold, focusing on the detailed areas only. I love the Alumidust colors, they are pretty and blend easy.  So now that my mold is all colored up, lets move on to the final step for this part of the project.

Now that all the coloring is done, it's time to bring out the resin, for this piece I am going to use both types of resin but before adding any resin, I decided it was best to add a border of mold putty to the mold to keep the resin from running off the mold.

Follow the instruction on the box for each resin. To start I mixed equal amounts of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and let it rest for a few minutes to get rid off the tiny bubbles. 
Then I mixed the Amazing Casting Resin and poured it over the right part of the mold first, making sure not to let the resin get to the edge, I didn't want the face stencil to be covered with this resin. 

 This is going to be a thin covering so I'm hoping that it will cure fast, I don't really need it to cure 100%, but enough so I can easily remove it and it's tacky enough to be placed on my canvas.  

On the photo above you can see only the right side of the mold has resin, this is the amazing casting resin that will cure in about 20 minutes.
Here you can see the amazing clear cast resin was added to the left side of the mold. This resin will take about 12 - 24 hrs to cure.  You can see here how the amazing casting resin is beginning to cure (the white resin).
 Next day came and here is my mold, time to remove my resin piece carefully, the edges are very thin .  You can see the clear transparency of this piece, this is what I was going for.  

This is the other side of the white resin piece you see above, this is the part that is going to represent the turmoil, the darkness we sometimes have to deal with, so I had to add a bit more color to help bring out more of the pattern on this piece. 

Now that my resin piece is done, lets move on to the poster.  I try to recycle into everything I do and for this I used a piece of cardboard, I painted it all with acrylic white paint, then added color to it to bring it to life.

 I used some of the clear cast resin to decoupaged some papers to the canvas. I use this resin as glue in a lot of my work.

 I have to admit I'm beginning to love how this is coming along, it might actually turn out better than I imagined. 

 Added some crackle to the piece in some areas, I really love this effect, so I try to always use it.

Here is the board, ready with phase one, it needs more work before adding the resin pieces.

Trying to find the right area to place this resin piece.

 Adding a lot of texture to the board for dimension. 

 Using resin pieces I made, like this little resin heart.

Here is the final look, the poster is ready.  My resin piece is finally added to the poster.  I added a mirror, because when we are dealing with pain, when you feel lost, you don't look at what really matters, the mirror in this piece represents finding yourself, looking at what you've accomplished, at your bright future. 

I love how these stencils helped me create this empowerment poster, they were easy to mold, and now it's time to gift this piece.  I decided to use the stencils one more time.

I needed to make a simple birthday card, just a couple of color pencils to trace out the stencil and color it in, than a  black pen to outline the design inside the card. It's the first time I use stencils this way, it's fun, simple and clean.

The front of the card .... You Got This!! 

The inside of the card, on the edge of the page. 

I hope you like my project, I had so much fun using stencils in way's I've never used them before, it's fun to play with products, you never know how fun that can be.  


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Stencil portrait face mystique
Heart Flower 

Amazing Mold Putty
Measuring cups
Mixing sticks

Acrylic paints
Texture paint
Paint brushes
Recycled Cardboard and water bottles

Hand Sculpting What I Imagine

Hi there, today I want to share something I love to do. I love working with my hands, and lately I've been sketching out ideas to make ...