Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Mask, Paint and Flowers...............


I was bored one day, and started sorting my crafting supplies, I found a few masks I had left from last year's prom.  I noticed I had some Rowlux sheets and my favorite paints Viva Decor, I was sorting these and a lot more crafting materials I either purchased on-line or won on Facebook.  I stopped sorting and organizing and got busy crafting.  This happens every time I decide to continue with my craft room re-organization. 

Oh and to add a bit of drama to the mask I took my Quick Snippers from LIMIRI's to add some designs by cutting all on the top with a scallop design and then taking the lightning volt design and cut on the bottom sides, then I painted the entire mask with Viva Decor Black 3D paint.

Next I took some Inka Gold in platinum and dabbed to the top half of the mask, going around the eyes.

Next I had to add some inka gold in red, I thought three colors was enough, but then I decided to go over the edges with some Viva Decor inka gold.  These paints have a very shiny finish, if you buff them you can see a lot more shine, you can see that shine on the photos below. 

I took Rowlux in different colors and made a total of four dimensional flowers and leaves all cut with Quick Snippers and painted with Viva Decor paints, I used two to three flowers to make each flower, I like dimension and after shaping the petals it really made these flowers pop, all the flowers are removable, I used some tiny brads from Prima to hold the flowers together on the mask.  

Now on the other side of the mask I decided to use some of my colored velum paper flowers I cut by hand using Quick Snippers too, added some contrasting colors to the edges to show off the designs cut with Quick Snippers.

The photos below show close-ups of the mask, you can see the different flowers used and the paints. I love the shine from the viva decor paints, however I needed to seal the paints and to also enhance the shine, so I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the entire mask, I did remove the Rowlux flowers to add the resin, but on the paper flowers since they were glued on the mask already with glossy accents, I just added resin around them and a bit on them too since I added paint to the paper (velum) flowers. The first three photos show one side of the mask with resin added the other side without, just to show how much shine is added with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

After I was done with the mask and had added the resin on the entire mask, I realized I needed something else, so I took some flat back crystals and used more resin to adhere these on the mask, as you can see on the photos below.

Here I used a craft stick to add resin on the areas I wanted to add the crystals

Here you can see some of the crystals around the bottom of the eye.  I also added some paint beads on the edge of the mask

The two photos above show all the crystals, the glitter swirls, and the paint beads, all added to bring more color to the mask and make it more fun and sparkly

Here is the finished maks, all done and ready to be worn.

Materials used:
Rowlux sheets in several colors
Velum colored paper flowers
Viva Decor paints, Inka gold and red, 3D black, glitter and paint pens in several colors
Prima small brads
Mask (craft store)
Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Tools used :
Quick Snippers

Picture Perfect!

Hi there today I'm bringing you a simple project I enjoyed making.  I decided to make some small picture frames, going for something simple and easy. Believe me most of my projects start with the same idea of making them simple and easy, and most of the time, I end up with a lot more products and go with a different approach so I end up with a totally different project than what I had in mind, but with happy endings.

This time I had an idea on what I wanted to make and made sure to stay on track and loved what resulted at the end.


Rowlux film in several colors
Prima brads
Viva Decor glitter pens
Key rings
Recycled t-shirt strips for hanging

Quick Snippers cutting tool
Hole punch

I like to cut freehand most of what I do, unless it calls for exact measurements.  I wanted to make some small picture frames using two parts for each frame.  Quick Snippers has five different decorative shape scissors and one straight edge and they cut Rowlux film really easy.

the two brads were used on the top and bottom of the white rectangular frame - holding both pieces together

You can see the brads used the same way on this frame, square and oval shape frames 

white and yellow frames, white stone brads used to hold together both frames, white and yellow.
  • Take two different colors of Rowlux, cut two different shapes in two different sizes for each frame
  • Decide how each frame will look once completed
  • Hole punch two tiny holes on the two parts of the frame where the brads will go
  • Cut your photos to size and slide in between the two parts of the frame
  • Add some glitter to the edges of the outer frame sparingly
  • Punch the top of the frame to add your choice of hanger (key rings)
  • Decorate with some embellishments, I chose some adhesive bling I had on hand
  • Add the recycled t-shirt strips to the key rings and knot to size, photos are ready to hang
These are very simple, you can customise any way you want, the glitter on the edges makes the cut designs pop, these can be hung separately or as a group, you can use some fancy ribbons or cords to hang, I went with simple, but the fun part is they are easy to cut, and you can decorate any way you want, also if you cut the photos to fit by just sliding in between you don't have to remove the brads to change photos, but you can if you chose to.

I will be making some more of these, in different colors, I need a few for my sons - I love easy and fast projects and this happens to be one of them.

I hope to have inspired you to get creative and find a few minutes to be creative. 

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