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I was not sure what to make and well there is one thing I've been wanting to make for a while and decided why not now.  I make a lot of jewelry and  my daughter gets first pick all the time, I've done lots of jewelry boxes and these work great for bracelets and rings, but I wanted to make her something that will hold her earrings and without taking space from her dressers, so I decided to make an earring holder she can hang on the wall in her room, I might make her a smaller version with magnets that she might want to use in her school locker, if she wants me to.   Well below is a picture of the materials I used, not shown here is the red shoe lace I decided to use as hanger.

 First thing I had to do after opening all the edges of the shoe box lid, I had to mark with a pencil the area I was going to cut off the lid , now the reason I opened the edges of the box instead of cutting them off, is that when I add the hot glue to attach the screen I will fold it over the screen so …

Flowers!!! Flores!!!

If there is one thing I like to make is flowers. 

 I've done so many over the years. Three years ago I made about 100 roses out of polymer clay, in different colors and sizes (see above photo) these were used on favors I hand made for my daughter's 15th birthday celebration.  Here are a few photos, that show the favors that included these flowers.  Check them out.

Now I've done jewelry using flowers I made out of  fabric, duck tape, polymer clay, two part epoxy, and so on.  Here are a few photos.

Flower rings made using zippers, beads and wire.

Flower rings made using duck tape and beads

Flower rings and flower key chains using duck tape and beads

 Flower headbands made using duck tape, fabric and beads

So I was introduced to duck tape at a Chicago Craft Social that I attended with my daughter Nicole over a year ago.  As I was busy modpodging a wooden frame with paper my daughter came over to show me a cute purse she made using nothing but duck tape.  I had to give it a try and I did, I make a clutch, I never would have thought about crafting with duck tape and never had seen any other color but the silver one many of us have used to make simple and quick repairs in our home.  Well I've been addicted to duck tape ever since, I have done lots and lots and lots of different projects for over a year now. My kids go to HS and after  I made them each a wallet to carry their lunch money and change, well let's say that a lot of their friends are now using their very own and personalized duck tape wallets, some even have some of my duck tape flower pens too.   I have to say that there is nothing you can't make using duck tape, here are some sample of what I've done, there…