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From my Art Journal.............. The dark side of Love!!

Hi there, today I'm bringing you another mixed media piece that was inspired by one of my journal pages. I belong to a Facebook group called "The Craft Hole", we sometimes have challenges, I was intrigued about the "Gothic" challenge for April.  I looked at my art journal, and why would the word LOVE and hearts and birds make me think of Gothic, I will never know.  Here is what I did, I hope you like it, when I showed the final piece to my son and began to tell him the story behind it he said....."stop, I'm sad already" his words exactly.

So here is my story, very short to the point.

Love, we all hope is something that once we find IT, will last for ever, and yes sometimes it does, along the way, you find the way to overcome anything and everything and keep your love going strong.  Sometimes, love ends, hearts get broken and people walk away from each other, this is my story, short but to the point.

You can see the love birds, no longer together, …

Just a little bit of what I Love to Create

I like to create all different types of things, I have cutting machines, and tools to help me cut flowers, but I chose to hand cut them instead, as you can see on the next two photos, these are just a few, I make lots to keep on hand for whenever I need them.  I have tried to stick to one type of craft but is not possible, not for me anyway, I love to work on whatever I feel like making at the moment, but the two things I love the most is painting and jewelry making, I will paint on whatever I can, it's fun and even more when I can use my fingers instead of a brush. Well I just wanted to share a few of the different types of crafts I love to make.