Friday, November 25, 2011

Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Good morning to everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving day with all your loved ones.  I have to say it was great to see all my family and friends yesterday, we had so much food, we has lots of left overs. The kids performed by playing the piano, the violin and dancing to hip hop music.  Well it's time for the last Festive Friday Hop for 2011 - I was not able to find my camera chord until just now - it seems I had it inside my car all along.  Well since I'm at work and not able to take a photo of my card I want to share the cards I made years ago for my family and friends.  I wanted to make a card they could enjoy year after year as an ornament.  I hope you enjoy these as well.

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These greeting ornaments were made by using (letter size sheets were used for each of these cards)
Shrinkable plastic, color pencils and my  kitchen oven, these are the one's I made for my kids and I still have these - they go up on my tree every year. I didn't have a camera when I made them quite a few years back. they still look the same as when I made them, but I was not able to photograph all the ones I gave away, but they  were all precious moments.

Thank you for stopping by hope you enjoy these cards I made long ago  and please make sure to 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Face Lift!!! A New Purpose!!!

I am all about trying to do my best when it comes to recycle.  At work, I save all my paper and get it shredded, then I take the bags to the recycling bins found outside the school in my block or my kids old elementary school. At home we get recycling picked up every other week.  Well I started using recycled items into my crafts.  And I am showing you here my last recycled project, which found a new home right on my front door.

So at work I also recycle the backs of my desk calendar, the back cover of my writing tablets, and so on.  I was at work one day last week during my lunch break and drew a heart on some cardboard, I have an old book I'm turning into a journal, so I tored up some pages, had a Starbucks paper bag, and started making rolled paper flowers in different sizes, I remembered I had purchased an old dress pattern from a second hand store and made some flowers of that too.  I used Westcott's titanium scissors, (which I keep in my purse all the time, you never know when you will need them) and got started.

Here is my heart shape image, ready to be cut 

here is my heart completely covered with the rolled paper flowers I made using book pages, brown paper bag and dress pattern paper all were glued using  Ranger's Glossy Accents.

So over the weekend I finished this project, I took some glitter mist and sprayed the flowers, then I took my hot glue gun and added some white lace to the back of the heart all around , once all the lace was glued, I took more of the glitter mist and sprayed the lace and the flowers a bit more, took  part of the lace to make the hanger and glued it to the back as well. I decided to add some feathers in pink and white in some areas, not all around, just to bring something else into the project.  Here is the final project, hope you like this.  I really had fun taking some old items and giving them a new face lift, a new purpose!
Here is what i used to finish this project.

Here is the final project!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Good morning and happy Friday to everyone - or should I say Happy 11-11-11? It is time for our Festive Friday Hop! Only one more this month for 2011.

To start at the beginning go back to Terri's site Did you come from  If not,  please go back and make sure you go back and visit her blog first.

Here is my first card, now it is fall and it is starting to get pretty cold in Indiana - yesterday morning when I was leaving the house I looked at the rooftop of my house and noticed snow, then during the day while at work in Chicago - I saw snow falling outside my window.  So I figured why not make some snowflake cards, now I love glitter,but I don't like glitter all over the place specially on my face - somehow it always ends up there, so I decided to use my martha stewart ink pads in blues and added a little to the first card you see here - for the snowflakes I used TPC Studio Winter Blues Sticker Sheet, used Tim's liquid pearls in blue to add all the little blue dots you see - the border is from the same sticker sheet and next to it on the edge of the card I decided to use the new silver paint from Martha Stewart & Plaid paint.  It's hard to really see all the details and silver paint on this photo, but I was pretty happy with the end result and well I decide to make this a Thank you card - something you can use after the holidays to give thanks for that special gift you received or the dinner invitation you received. 

Now for this card I used the same products from the 1st card , just differently  after using the ink pads in blue all over the card - I took the silver glitter paint this time from Martha's new paint products. I love, love using the liquid pearls, you can really see how pretty and perfectly round they look here on the top and bottom borders I used - you can't really tell here but the borders are textured with white fine glitter - that's how they came. 

Last I decided to use one of the tag stickers from the same collection and just added some card stock to the back, used the blue ink pads on the edges all around to give a bit of dimension, and well used the liquid pearls to add a few pearls and write For You, not really happy with the words, but it's the first time I use this product to write, I've only used it to add pearls to my work before, finally added some ribbons to the tag and it's ready to be placed on that special gift, for that special person.

here is a photo of some of the materials I used to make these cards

Ok, so I wanted to make a tree card, I could have used paper stock to make one or cut one out from the printed Holiday stock paper I have but since I had all my new paints , yes form Martha's new line right there in front of me, I decided to make my own tree - took my fan brush - got some gold metallic paint and made my tree, then I took the pretty green glitter paint and using the same brush I went over the entire tree again, I don't think you can really see the pretty green glitter here but it's there, trust me.  So I took the silver metallic paint and made a star on the top of the tree, then I took this really pretty rose viva paint and some of the silver metallic paint to make the ornaments, and  finally took Martha's pink pearl paint to make a garland, and well used the copper metallic paint to add the trunk, cut out some little gift packages from the same paper company as the stickers used on the other cards - I glued the little gifts with Aileen's tacky glue to the bottom of the card.  Finally I looked for a stamp message - didn't find one so looked for stickers and well I found this Holiday package from Me and My Big ideas and my card was done.

here is a photo of some of the other materials I used - not shown here is Aileen's tacky glue pen, and Westcott's titanium scissors 

I really hope that you like my cards, I had a lot of fun making these as I went along - I made all these in a couple of hours - took me longer because I decided to use paints for these cards. I really don't paint on card stock unless I'm making paper jewelry out of it.  Actually painting the tree took me back to my early years as a kid - painting on paper with tempera paints. 

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