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Handmade Holiday Ornament Swap with Charity Wings

I joined a handmade holiday ornament swap! we are supposed to make two ornaments - one to swap and one to donate to the Charity Wings auction tree.

Once we signed up for this swap we were assigned a partner, my partner asked I sent her both ornaments since she volunteers at Charity Wings.  I made three ornaments, one was glass, so just in case something went wrong there will still be two ornaments left, one for my partner and one for Charity Wings.
All the ornaments sent to Charity Wings will  decorate a tree to be displayed in the Art Center for a week or two, afterwards in early December they will auction off the whole tree to raise funds for all their worthy causes!
Here are the ornaments I made:  

I hope everyone likes these and that they all arrive in one piece to my partner.  I hope I have inspired you to get creative and make some ornaments to share with friends and family.