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Operation We R Grateful!

These are the cards that I have done in the last three days - I am going to send in the mail tomorrow! I hope these bring smiles to those that send and receive - I truly enjoyed making every single card as special as possible. These are all one of a kind cards.

Thank you Christie for giving me a chance to give a little!

"Hive's Creative Challenge" - Say it with a card! Celebrate with those you love!

I have to admit it's been years since last I made a lot of cards just because. Well I sold some and gave away some. I am going to send some of my cards to
check them out on Facebook "Operation We R Grateful" - they have a contest but I want to help and give away some cards for our soldiers. So if you are into card making check them out - and give a little!

Hope you like my cards - these are the first I make - started this Tuesday evening and finished them last night - tonight I will we making some more.

Now I don't have type of die cutting machines (not in my budget right now) have like 3-4 sets of ink pads and just got some stamps form Martha Stewart(HSN)that I can't wait to use.

So far this is what I've managed to come up with - comments are so welcomed.

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Soda Flower's - good for Earth

I've been wanting to make some flowers our of soda cans - but had been putting it off, over and over again.  Well I finally decided to make some- We don't drink a lot of pop at home - I never do- and I limit what the kids drink at home and when we all go out to eat.  We had some take out and the dinners came with a drink - usually I get all water bottles, this time I got 3 cans and one bottle of water so I washed and dried the cans and then decided to cut out flowers free hand.  I used my favorite scissors - Westcott's titanium non-stick scissors (used the little ones) also used their cutting knife - used some pliers and wire - I didn't want to use
any type of glue .

This first picture shows all the flowers I was able to cut out of three soda cans. After cutting the flowers out in one piece - I noticed there were a lot of big pieces of the can still left so I cut out small oval like shapes to see what I would do with them. Here you see the wire and pliers I used.



Here is a picture of the first coupon & receipt wallets I make using only duck tape. the one standing was my first one - it fits inside my wallet without even trying -see I got tired of having my store receipts all over my purse - so I made this to help me keep my purse and wallet free of all those receipts that make it so hard to look for other things in my purse.......

In this picture you can see the first steps to making the wallet - I chose black for the outside and hot pink for the inside - I cut out as many strips of duck tape I needed for the inside and the outside made two sheets - the black had to be a bit longer on two sides so I can fold it like it shows on the third picture - this gives your wallet a finished edge (these will be the edge of the flap and the wallet)

Red Duck Tape Rose Ring!

I started working with duck tape since March of this year.  It has been fun making different types of projects with this product.  I've had the most fun making flowers out of it - I have used these flowers to decorate headbands, hair clips, purses/wallets that are made out of duck tape too.  Well this past weekend I decided to make a flower small enough to make a ring with it - and so I did.  Below are pictures of the finished ring, as well as a few steps of how-to make one and a list of products I used - I hope you like this, I sure had a lot of fun making it and it's my first of many jewelry items that I will make using duck tape.

Here is the finished ring!

Now here is a list of the first items I used to make this flower ring, below you will see what else I end up using to finish this ring.

1. Red duck tape sheet
2. Friskars cutting mat
3. Westcott's cutting knife
4. Ad Tech glue gun and high temp glue sticks
5. Black metal ring base (don't have brand name)

Here are …