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2nd Annual Trick Your Pumpkin Contest | Plaid Enterprises

Viva Las Vegastamps!: Santa Dreams and the Mouse Takes Cover

A Bundle of Joy!

So I decided to try and make a photo album for a baby! this is my very first attempt and since I noticed that everything I do is for "girls" only, had to make this for a boy - there are no photos because it's a demo - I want to make books like this one - of course different in every way except in the fact that it will be a book!  I wanted to make this one in the shape of a baby bib! each page is double and has areas where to add photos and places to journal each page has a decorative edge as you can well see below.  Did some stamping and distressing with ink pads, used different colors of ribbons and sizes.

My goal is to make this type of book for all occasions, events, holidays.  It does require a lot of work and a lot of time.  I would have to say these books will have to be special orders - I had a hard time doing each page simply because I had no pictures or theme to follow - simply the fact it is for a new arrival.  It's new to me and like everything else I crea…

Ghost and goblins and witches and pumpkins - time for fun and candy!

I have been crafting since I was a kid, making clothes for my dolls and drawing - loved, loved it even more when I was in high school and took art - took a double period in my senior year instead of getting out of school early i took this double period class and I remember wishing my entire day every day would just be art!! later as I got older I got into making clothes for a while and loved it - when I had my first son, I discovered ceramics thanks to a friend, so I did ceramics for a long time and loved it! then i started making party favors using ceramics - then all sort of favors.

I just kept going from one type of craft to another and that is how it has been for the last 20 years and I have loved every minute of it.

Now card making is not something I have done much, I remember designing cards for one of my high school teachers after I graduated she asked me to make some for her - these cards back then were all hand drawn and colored, nothing like what I am doing now. She would t…

"Love" frame

This frame can be used for anyone in mind from sister to mother, to wife, etc.
I wanted to make a romantic frame after making two Halloween frames.

Here are the materials I used to make this frame:
Plaids heart wood frame
Plaids apple barrel pure silver
Plaids folkart extreme glitter in silver
Chipboard letters I got from a kit i got from Charity wings - they had a web show from last CHA
Tim Holtz distress ink fired brick
3-D butterflies (don't have the brand name)
Recolections glitter adhesive borders - black flowers
Adtech hot glue
Ranger liquid pearls petal pink

First step was to paint the entire frame in pure silver - decided to paint with the silver extreme glitter right away before the pure silver dried.
Once the paint was completely dried - I hot glued the leaves and then the flowers until I had something I liked
I added the black glittered flower border and placed it on the bottom of the frame and a small piece on the top of the frame as you see on the photo above.

I took …

Creepy Crawloween

So I decided to make another Halloween frame, after purchasing DCWV Halloween stock and stickers and K&Company embellishments.  Here is a picture of the final frame.
the materials I used to make this frame are:
Plaids heart wood frame
Plaids apple barrel kiwi paint
Plaids folk art extreme glitter peridot
Plaids folk art extreme glitter silver
DCWV Halloween stock & stickers
K&Company embellishments
Cheese cloth
Hampton art pigment ink - black
May Arts #SY10
Artificial flowers from Michaels
Helmar 450
Helmar Zapdots 3D double sided adhesive in white

So the first step was to paint the entire frame with the kiwi color, once dried completely I painted the entire front of the frame with peridot and set to dry while I decided what papers to use and where and how they would go. Decided to use a small strip of paper on the side of the frame, my intention was to use more paper - but I really loved the paint all that beautiful glitter I just didn't want to cover it up so I went w…

Our First Spooky Halloween

I got some of DCWV Halloween stack and stickers recently at JoAnn's and have to say I love this paper - so I decided to make a picture frame

      I used plaid's apple barrel black and orange paints to paint the frame - trying to make it look like a spooky Halloween night! 

I also did a bit of stamping on the wood frame as you can see in one of the pictures here - used black embossing powder to outline the heart center of the frame and the white embossing powder for the tiny little ghosts - which later decide to emboss the inside.  I used Tim's distress stickles and just spread with my fingers all over the black and orange paint - you would need to look at the actual frame to see all the distressing - I also took a little bit of plaids apple barrel pure silver and distressed the edges of the frame.  I truly enjoyed making this frame and just loved the final result.
Here is a list of materials I used to make this frame: I used Helmar 450 to glue the DCWV Halloween stock and s…

2nd Annual Trick Your Pumpkin Contest | Plaid Enterprises

Viva Las Vegastamps!: Go For It - Turning an ATC into a Card

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