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What??? It's made out of Duck Tape!!!!

So last month I went to the Chicago Craft Social and took a class with Marissa Pawelko also know as the Modern Surrealist she showed us how to make purses out of duck tape.  Well it was so much fun, I had my daughter Nicole with me at this event - she's my crafty buddy!!! she took the class first and was so very proud of what she made so I had to take it too.  She came back and joined us because she wanted to make another one, so really once you start having fun crating with duck tape, the possibilities are endless, and you become addicted.  I know we are.  I am showing you pictures of the purse I made, and all the headbands, and hair clips showing flowers.  See I love making flowers of anything I can think of, and when I realized that I could make flowers with this tape, well it's been something I've been working since this Social.  Hope you enjoy these, I was asked to make a video, I have to see if I can do it.  Really if you make flowers out of fabric, ribbon, paper, yo…