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May Arts May Craft Challenge is going BACK TO THE BEACH!!! .  I decided I wanted to take part in this challenge, now this is my first time entering a challenge so I'm a bit nervous - also because I am not used to making tutorials on how I come up with a project.  I am not used to working with themes, usually I just sit and make whatever comes to mind.  Having a theme has made me realize that I rather just make whatever comes to mind, simply because I had so, so many ideas, I had to make a decision as to what to make, and I think I'm going to make some jewelry too, but for now here it goes; my first item.  Hope you all like this as much as I do.

X-Mas gifts made with shrinky dink

Some years back I found out about shrinky dinks papers - well had to try them and since I love precious moments I got a couple of coloring books - had lots of color pencils.

I decided to make some Christmas ornaments that also served as greeting cards.  So I picked designs that would go with the person that was going to get these.  I gave them out and everyone loved them.  The ones you see here are the one's I made for my kids and some I made just cause I liked the image.

All I did was place the image behind the shrinky dink paper and used my color pencils to color the entire image - I added shadows to make the image more interesting.  Hope you enjoy these pictures.  I have not used this material for a while, I know there's a lot you can do with it - I just don't have enough time in the day to craft as much as I want.  I'm always working on something different - for sure i will be making something new soon.   for now, this is what I wanted to share - I didn't take …


So, I love flowers - specially when they don't die.  I made all of the flowers used on all the hair accessories you see here - I made these last weekend.  And last night I made lots and lots and lots more flowers - I will be stitching them together during my lunch break soon.  Hope you enjoy looking at these - I hate to have to sell them but I've done so much this year I have no choice....  here are pictures of some of the hair clips I've done and pony tail holders

Below are pictures of the headbands.....