Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festive Friday Hop

Welcome to another Festive Friday Hop.

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This is my little card, hope you like it.

Materials used
Personal die cutting machine
Card stock white (for trees)/ yellow for card
White embossing powder
Heat gun
Ink pads in green & white
Silver snow flake stickers
Scrapbook paper
Viva décor glitter liners – Silver & Holo Iridescent
Viva décor Pearl-Pen Red
Gold foil tape
Plaids Dimensional Magic
Ad Tech dot runner

I took a scrap of white paper for the back ground – I used Ad tech dot runner to glue the background.

I used a couple of different green ink pads to color the trees, added some white ink and white embossing powder, used the heat gun to set the embossing so it would look like snow on the trees. Then, I used dimensional magic to glue the trees together, once dried I use the dot runner to add the trees to the card.

I took a small piece of the gold foil tape and added to the top of the card.  I randomly added some silver snow flake stickers  to the top of the card and added the words “Let It Snow” over the foil tape.

Now at this point the card was done, but this Thursday when I went to take a photo for my post, I  decided to use my viva décor  paints to give it more dimension, so I used the glitter liners  to add more snow to the trees and at the bottom of the trees, also added some to the snowflake stickers

Now make sure to stop by Laura's blog to check out her creation
Till next time, happy crafting.....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Midnight Masquerade Dance!

Midnight Masquerade Dance!

Now this is what I like to do, help out by doing something creative.  I like helping out but my full time job is  out of state so my commuting hours are crazy.  So anyhow, I made 18 masks in three evenings, (1) I first painted all the masks (2) I mod podge all the sequins to all masks (day 3) I added all the gems, and feathers  it was a combined total of 11 hours.   Each is unique, no two are exactly alike.  I hope the school gets to sell them all, and the kids enjoy wearing them at the dance.

Here are some of the materials used - missing is the hot glue sticks /gun used to glue the feathers and gems

here are a few of the masks - after paint was applied, I used  plaids  products, apple barrel, extreme glitter, and the Martha's new  paints
On this photo you can see I started to add the sequins by using mod podge (gloss), once the sequins were secured I sealed each with mod podge, either gloss or sparkle.

Here are some of the 18 completed masks, the time is wrong on this photo it was 1am when i finished, so I left them over night to dry out completely.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Festive Friday Hop

Welcome to another Festive Friday blog hop.  You should have started back at Terry's blog, you didn't make sure to go back and start from the beginning.  You should have come here from if not please go back.

This is my card - simple and wanted to try out my new paints.  Now please go check out Diane Tuggle's blog to see what she made.  To the right side you can see all the links on this hop, in case you need to go back.  Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to come back for the next hop.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creating on Wood!

I do love making jewelry, along with paper crafting, and sewing, and lots of other stuff, but I started by drawing - as  a kid and in HS, I loved to draw and paint. I love the fact that I can still do this but in different ways.  I don't do oil, water or chalk paintings any more - not because I don't like them but because I did these back when I was in HS a lot, and now I like to paint in different ways.  I love painting on everything I can paint on, including my sweat pants! LOL my daughter hates it when I wear these out on public.

This is one of my most recent works - here is a wood frame that I colored using Tim Holt's alcohol Inks and perfect pearls - then I used paper products, and butterflies to finish it 
This wood frame was painted using Plaids and Tim Holts products and paper products from DCWV.  I made this last year and sold at an art fair.

Now lets go back a few years back and take a look at what I've done before. These photos are from some of the projects I have done - I have a lot more- but it would not be a good idea to put them all up (LOL).  I love painting on fabric, paper, wood, clay, metal, well guess anything that I can get my hands on.

Here you can see some wood frames, I painted and even  mod podge lots of sequins on  for  sparkle!

The wood boxes, some were just painted  by using acrylic paints, on others I burned the images and then painted them.

The serving trays you see here,  it's three of them, I painted, burned images and used sequins and flowers and beads.

The last photo with the rose is a wood box I turned into a jewelry box it was a special gift for one of my daughter's friends. I burned all the designs and then colored the rose.

I hope you like these projects, and feel free to leave any comments.

Crocheting around, my way!

I just wanted to go back a little and show some of the works I have done in the past and where I'm at today.  Now I love working with different mediums.  I've seen some amazing works on blogs, on-line and even on FB that inspire me to go in a totally new direction to what I'm used to making, this is going to take some time, because it is not easy for me step outside the line and say it's ok, there are no lines, no rules, just let it all be what it wants to be.

I do some crocheting, I have in the past made the scarfs, hats, even sweaters, but I'm not there anymore, don't get me wrong, I love these- I've seen some amazingly creative crocheting on-line, but I just want to make jewelry with it - so here are a few items I've done using a crochet hook and yarn.

If you start from the top left - I used two types of yarn, yet you only see the green -  this is a really pretty bracelet and  the best part is that the beads are small and light so when you wear it it's so light you forget about it - next to it is one I used buttons instead of beads.

Now moving down below you first see a very simple chain stitch with just a couple of beads, then is the brown one - done with nothing but swarovsky components.  the silver/gray and black that follow - these look great together, here you see how each looks on its own, then when they are worn together, the one with the round disks, also has a small beaded chain that was stitched on after it was done.

Now when you get to the bottom  I used different yarns to make these water bottle bracelets - yes the base of each bracelet is made out of water bottles to help the bracelets keep their shape.

Now the last photo you see here are some polymer clay beads I made using sculpey ultra light clay in white, and all the color you see on the beads is from using different types and colors of yarn.  It was my first time trying this coloring technique and I just loved the effect and colors - I made a lot of these and came up with some really cool jewelry.

Just wanted to share how I see crocheting, this is what works for me, and can't wait to try something else with it, like making some photo frames - and using colored yarn instead of paints.   think I know what I'm going to make next.   Hope you like these projects and please feel free to leave me any comments.  

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