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Journal Time, Playing with Watercolors

I love to paint and I've been playing around with water colors for a while. a couple weeks ago I went shopping for craft supplies and ended up getting a few sketchbooks for my family to use.  My kids love to draw and paint too, so figure why not get a few.

I've been playing with different types of water color markers and pens and I finally got to try out some fun Gelatos too.

The following are a few pages from my mixed media journal from Strathmore I purchase and keep in my purse along with a few of the pens and pencils I've been playing with.

Learning on my own to use watercolors was a bit fun, but well I did purchase a book to help me learn how to color flowers, I figure it should be the same way as when I use acrylic paints or regular color pencils, shading, and giving the drawings a dimension once you start adding color.  I can lose myself when I get a hold of a paint brush, last Saturday I was so into my drawing and coloring, that when I looked at the time it was 4:0…


Hello everyone, welcome and thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoy this amazing and enchanted International Fairy Day Blog Hop, this hop is hosted by Leslie-Rahye!, please start at Leslie-Rahye's blog

I had all types of ideas, from jewelry to home decor, but I decided to go on a very different direction.   I love to paint, and recently I started to play with water colors, I have a few pencils and paints and well I decided to buy a few more products that I've been wanting to work with for a while. 
I decided to paint a Fairy, but not a full body, I drafted this face and wings and felt it was perfect.  I'm no expert with water colors, and this piece was a first for me, just playing with colors the way I would if I was using acrylics or regular color pencils.  Using water color markers by Sakura and Faber-Castell Gelatos was fun to experiment with. 
Here is the beginning of my Fairy, I had an idea of what I wanted to make and hoped that it all would work out at the end.  I …

Lucky to Have Met You!

Hi there, today I want to share a special project I made at my daughter's request.   She asked me to make her two key chains using two pennies, to keep it simple and focus on the pennies.   Her anniversary was coming up and wanted to give her boyfriend something special.  We've had so many conversations about relationships over the years and I've mentioned how lucky she was to have met the love of her life as a kid and to have found each other once again as teens.  So the lucky penny came into mind for this project. 
We searched and found two pennies with the year 2011, so to make them special I used tools from ImpressArt to add their initials and a heart around the year.
A very simple project and a first for me, I've never worked with metal, stamped or hole punch on pennies, so this was a learning experience, and I have to say I'm hooked on metal stamping and look forwards to making lots of projects and sharing  them with you.

Here's a list of the products/ma…