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Homage to "Our Lady of Guadalupe" - Pendant

Hi there, today I want to share a special project.  I love to work with my hands, and make unique jewelry pieces.  I wanted to make a heart with wings and I decided to use Creative Paperclay to sculpt this piece out, but first I had to sketch it out so I had an idea of what to create.
Here you can see the simple sketch of what I wanted to make.

Creating with Creative Paperclay is so much fun, I get my hands dirty, I get to make what ever I want to make and is so simple to use, all I needed was a bit of water and some wet paper towels.  I was so busy making this piece that I didn't take photos of the process, plus my hands were full of clay too. 
I created the heart first, it is a bit high in the center, I didn't want it to be flat, once I shaped the heart out, I simply carved some lines and added textured to the piece, once the heart dried, I started to add the wings little by little until I liked the end piece, this is not supposed to look "perfect" I wanted it hav…

Day of the Dead - Mini-Purse

Hi there, today I want to share fun project.  I love, love to paint, seriously I can paint all day if I could.   I purchased this small wood purse at Michaels craft store.  I won this huge prize from Paid and decided to use some of their paints.  I didn't really know what this was going to look like, most of the time I don't have any ideas, I just start painting and let creativity take it's own course. 
I used folk art Pickling Wash coral beauty and haze to paint the outside of the purse and for the handle I used their  brushed metal  in gold.  I like the pickling wash paints because it allows you to see the grain of the wood.  I thought at this point it would be a nice effect.  

Here you can see the two different colors I used.
Well, as I looked around I decided to use another product that was new to me.  I took out  some ink pads from Ann Butler by Color Box it said you could use on wood, so I had to give it a try.   I decided to use ocean breeze, aquamarine and Berry. …