Friday, March 23, 2012

Soda Can Butterfly Pin |

You need to check out this project - it's just beautiful!

Soda Can Butterfly Pin |

Welcome to another Festive Friday!

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Now here is my card for today, I decided to go for a simple look.

- I got some products in the mail not long ago and decided to use them on this card - the green paper you see is actually a wall paper product it has a marbled look already in gold and I decided to use my Viva Decor gold glitter pen in some areas to really bring out the gold.   
The round circle on top was part of the shipment ,  I didn't make it, but it seems white paint  was added to a circle cut from heavy card stock (maybe) and a pretty star was stamped while wet - again I can only assume how it was made - but I liked it and thought it would make a nice holiday card.  
Then I added a dimensional sticker at the bottom - a tiny Christmas tree - 

Decided to tear one side of the paper and added some more Viva Decor clear glitter paint to the exposed white area of the card stock I used. 

Well this is my card, hope you liked it.  Please feel free to leave me a comment.   Thanks and come back again.

Now, please go check out another great  project over at Laura's blog to check out her creation

Friday, March 9, 2012

Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Hi there, it is Friday and that means time to Hop!  You should have started over at Terri's blog if not, please go back.

You should have hopped here from Chris Hurley's blog at and in case you get lost along the way there is a complete list to the right of everyone taking part of this hop.

Well I decided this year would be the year I try different things in my crafting process.  This card is just that, I've used stickers, die cut letters, paints, markers, and ink pads and a wings stamp.  I wanted to add some dimension by using different types of paints, I hope you like this card.  I took tons of photos to try and get the best image of this card and I've ended up with these two photos. 

Thank you for stopping by, now please make sure to hop over to Laura's blog to check out her creation

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bird of Freedom

Over six years ago I started painting on wood - I got some serving trays from Michaels stores and made three different projects - loved all three and had many people that wanted to buy them but I refused to sell them.  Well two years ago I took them to an art fair where I was selling some of my work.  I had made two more - all different and well it just so happened that I sold all but one- this was sold and I do miss it hanging on my wall.

I get attached to a lot of my work, some more than others, this one took a long time  first I just painted the bird and the tray, then later I went back and added all the embellishments, then last I added resin to the design to protect it, and well now it can hang or can be used as a tray.

Just wanted to share one of my earlier works.  I need to get back to painting soon.  I just need to find more time in a day.  Hope you like my project, feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Poly Bird necklace

So one day I decided to play around with different colors of polymer clay and make all sort of beads - different sizes and different shapes and well different designs/colors - now this is what I do at times, just make beads and charms out of clay for future use.  So on another day I set out to create some jewelry with the beads I had made earlier.  I made all sort of items, from earrings, to bracelets, rings and necklaces.  This one if a favorite because I used a bead I made into the shape of a little bird - I use this bird in some of my sketches and decided to make it out of of clay - so here is the finished necklace - hope you like it, I know I do!
this is Poly Bird Necklace

here are some more beads waiting to be strung

and here are some more - since I liked my birdie bead - I'm going to make some more to use on  other jewelry items.

Please feel free to leave me any comments.  Thanks for stopping by!

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