Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to another great Festive Friday Hop - creating Christmas cards all year with the exception of December has been something totally new to me, well making cards is something I had stopped many years ago, and this group of amazing designers has inspired me to pick it up again.   So join us by visiting all the blogs that are on the side of this post and you just might get inspired to join us. 

If you got here from Leslie Rahye , you are in the right place - however make sure you start over at Terri's blog

So some how this week just went too fast for me.  Or maybe I just didn't want Friday to get here too soon!!!  Well I made this card tonight.  Of all days I get home late from the office.  I had no idea what I was about to make and well what started as an easy card with a couple of materials turned into the opposite.  I had some of the goodies I got from Charity Wings form last CHA this year so I decided to use them and well here is my card, I wanted a tree and wanted red, I really like how it turned out and I hope you do too.

So after I put the card together I wanted to add some sparkle to the paper and placed drops of mod podge sparkle, left for a bit and then brushed it all over the card stock - wanted to see if the circles would stay to add a bit of texture,.
Here is the final card - somewhat different and well that is what I was going for. 

A close up that shows all the sparkle from the mod podge.  I used it on the tree, the paper I used for the tree was a n old music sheet, took the distress paints to cover the paper and added the gold mash with strung green glass beads with some beadalon green wire which I attached to the paper tree as if I was actually stitching with a needle. I was fun making this card and I hope you all like it. 
Here is a photo of all the materials and tools I used, I forgot to add the music sheet.

Well this is it for me this week, now I ask you to please check out Laura's blog to see what great project she has done for us to enjoy.

Till next week's hop - keep on crafting...... keep on creating!!!!! and Share!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guitar String Jewelry

This is the bracelet I made for him - when he challenged me - he was very happy with it.
My son has been playing guitar since like 2003 or earlier - one day he came to me and said lets see how creative you are!  I was playing my guitar and busted some strings, here make me something I can wear or use with the strings.  Well I accepted his  challenge and he was just happy to get this awesome bracelet - that is what he said.  I've done other things like cross necklaces and rings, and earrings and well you get the picture.
Here are some photos - let me know what you think.
Here is a pendant I made using the guitar strings along with a  glass bead and a silver cross

Here are two of my flower rings made using the guitar strings to make the flowers - I did made some simple bands for men, but have no photo to show

Here is a photo of my cross necklace I used the guitar strings to make the cross

and last but not least - my earrings - the guitar strings were used to make the hoop, added some beadalon non-tarnish silver wire, a glass bead and silver chain (beadalon)

There are still a lot more projects to create with the strings he bring to me often.   He has not challenge me again, he knows I will always do something with whatever he gives me - that is what he told me.   He's funny and loves creating music as much as I love creating new jewelry designs.

Feel free to leave me a comment!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Polka Dot Jewelry

So I made a stop at Hobby Lobby one day and looking for white ribbon spools and found a nice white polka dot ribbon, and then a black and well there were lots of different colors. Well I did get the white ribbon I originally was looking for; these polka dot were extra and just got them because they are pretty and are my favorite two colors.

The first photo shows a set I designed exclusively for LIMIRI, LLC. 

Here is a set of cuff and ring, made out of paper (paper was cut using Quick Snippers) white and black polka dot fabric ribbons and beads, made exclusively for LIMIRI, LLC

I was making some jewelry and decided to turn to the polka dotted ribbons and well I like them as they are, since they are already glittered, I didn't want to add any beads or crystals.  These earrings are as light as feathers. I decided to cut out the dots only, by leaving a little of the sheer fabric to keep the dots all in one piece. 

Here I used the black polka dot ribbon cut out some circles and adhered to a blue round  sequin  added a black earring wire and done. 

These earrings are a combination of black and white polka dotted ribbon, I did add a bit more of mod podge sparkle to the black sequin and the fabric polka dots.

For the earrings I used the round sequins in place of jump rings.  It just seemed a better fit for these two sets. 
It's always fun to make jewelry out of other elements besides beads and wire.  Hope you all like these. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick Snippers®

I design paper jewelry for LIMIRI, LLC by using their Quick Snippers® tool.  When I was asked to create jewelry by using paper as the main component, I was like how??? would I be able to do this.  Now I love crafting challenges and this sure was one, I have done jewelry using all other materials but not with paper, and I am not talking about paper beads.  Well I can honestly say that I am loving the concept of making paper jewelry, it has made me step out of what I was doing before.  

As for this great tool, I love the fact that I have six tools at hand.  That I can carry with me to the office or anywhere else I know I will make time to do a bit of paper crafting.  I use this tool any time I want to use paper in a project with a decorative edge. 

Check out some of the designs that I have created for LIMIRI, LLC .
A metal cuff covered with ribbon, and the flower is all paper with crystals added in the center, the ring is  made the same way as the cuff.

These and the cuff and ring on the other photo are part of a set - here you see the paper was used to make the main design of the necklace and earrings.

This can be used as a bracelet or anklet  - several flowers made out of paper in the center are headpins with crystal beads attached to the chain.

A necklace  made using paper, beads and feathers

A full set necklace, earrings and cuff all made from paper and ribbon
All these papers were cut using Quick Snippers®, a perfect tool for any paper crafting project and for the traveling crafter. 

Festive Friday Hop

Good day to all and welcome to another Friday Hop.  If you didn't start from the beginning please do so, to the right side of my page you will see the line up for the Festive Friday Hop, please start by going to Terri's blog and see what amazing creation she has for us today.     Enjoy and make sure to come back again.

For this card I used ribbons, beads, and a flower I decided to cut up and add to the bottom of the page.

I hope you like my card, and now I ask you to please check out Laura's blog to see what great project she has done for us to enjoy.

Till next week's hop - keep on crafting......

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