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Inspirational Message to my Kids!!

Hi there, I love creating just about anything, specially if I can make them one of a kind projects to share and hopefully to inspire.  
This past weekend I went shopping for art supplies for my youngest who is a freshman at an art academy in Chicago and as I walked around the craft store I found some stencils, these were inspirational words, and I thought to myself, why not get these, they might come in handy, so I got them.
Well as I was doing some light cleaning around the house over the weekend, I noticed a frame I had purchased at one of the many garage sales I went to last summer, it was a simple wood frame, light brown with a floral mat insert and sure enough the photo area was a perfect fit for the stencils I had just purchased at the craft store, needless to stay the cleaning came to a complete stop and it was time to get creative.
I chose three words that I felt would be a perfect inspiration. Etching these words on the glass was the next step, and then trying to decide if I…