Friday, January 27, 2012

Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to the second Festive Friday Blog Hop 2012.   It has been a challenge for me to create Christmas cards when Valentines day is so close and all you see everywhere is heart decorations and Christmas is so far away, but it was so nice to give out the cards I made last year to my friends and family, now I get to make a lot more and more people will get these. 

Hope you enjoy looking at all the cards made by everyone, so please make sure you  start at the beginning of the hop -  So make sure you start with Terri's site

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So I got a personal die cutting machine, and decided to play with it - after all it is my first time I make my own shapes - I had the chance to play around with some ink pads, some other products to make these cards.  I've been told all my life that practice makes perfect so I'm looking forwards to practicing a lot, using new products and techniques to make more cards.   Hope you like these - I sure had fun making them.

I got to use the cutting machine to make the flowers and the green swirls to represent a  Christmas tree - the rest are stickers, used some ink pads in blue and green and 3D crystal color lacquer used on the flowers (blue) and in the center of the tiny little stars

For this card I only used gold stickers,  hand wrote merry christmas in red ink, some ink pads in blue  and the 3D crystal color lacquer was used to color in all the areas on the sticker that are not gold or white irridecent - used pink, purple, green and blue lacquer

For this card I used the cutting machine to make the sled and the ornament - the rest are stickers, and  I also used the 3D crystal color lacquer in pink/red, blue, and green 

I used the die cutting machine to make the trees on this card, used some  white pigment ink and embossing powder for the snow, some silver and white ink to stamp the snow flakes and the 3D crystal color lacquer  in red, blue, and green

Here are the products and machine I used to make these cards, not  included here are the different types of paper used and the embossing powder and heat gun.

Well that's it for now - feel free to leave me a comment and thank you for stopping by, now please  make sure to stop at Diane Tuggle's blog and if you get lost make sure to go to the side bar, I have a list of everyone that is taking place on this fun hop.  To all have a great, fun and creative weekend. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Masquerading around!

Here is the blank Mask I started with (three in  a pack) I did cut the
eyes out a bit more because they  were way too small, I was not able to see so had to adjust just enough.

- first step: paint the entire front of the mask, did about two coats
-second step : painted the entire mask with pink glitter paint you see here

-third step: used gloss mod podge to adhere the sequins one by one to the front of the mask - used black, silver and purple sequins, once the podge dried I went over the entire mask once again with the mod podge to make sure all sequins don't fall off  and to seal the paints used.

Final step:  used hot glue to adhere all the feathers and gems used to complete the mask - sure wish I had  the hot glue helpers - sure burned my fingers way too many times.  

Here is a picture of the other products used, besides the paints and the  mask. 

Here is another mask I made - here you can see the paints I used for this mask
step 1 - paint mask as desired

Here you can see I added all the sequins and used the Shimmer in gold to adhere all sequins, since it was the first time using this mod podge product did not know it would cover the color of the sequins in gold, so I had to remove
all the black and red sequins and use the glossy mod podge to redo the bottom part of the mask.
Once dried, I went over the entire mask with the sparkle mod podge to add glittery effect.
Now here is the final mask - used hot glue to add all the feathers and all the gems in different colors , shapes and size.

Here is  a picture of the products I used to make this mask 
This shows the other mod podge products I had to use to  finish this mask - I did not use the silver sequins for this mask. I only used black, gold and red. 

A friend asked me to make her a mask for a fund raising event and the theme is mardi gras - so this past weekend we had a pretty bad storm on Friday- so I decided to make the mask, well once just wasn't enough, so I made a total of six.  I decided to use sequins in different colors, mod podge, hot glue, mardi gras bead necklaces, some gems I had on hand, and some paper. I did painted one - but after I used the mod podge glimmer in gold - it covered the paint - it was my first time using this new mod podge product - it was ok, no problem there, now I know that it actually looks like paint when it dries - unlike the other mod podge products that dry clear.

There were no patterns to follow, just did whatever came to mind at the moment, now I liked the end result on all the masks, but my favorites are the ones I used the white paper with black felt flowers.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, this is the first time making these type of masks, and have to admit it was fun to just go free and make whatever came to my mind - this is how I love to create - to just let my creativity come out as I go step by step.  It is risky because you might not like the end result and sometimes you can't undo your work, was lucky this was not the case this time.

here is the mask, I did cut the eyes a bit more - they were too small

This mask was painted first - took like two coats of  plaids paint.

Here I glued all the sequins using mod podge  and afterwards, I used the mod podge sparkle at the end  over the entire mask, to secure the sequins and make the purple paint sparkly.

Now here is the final mask, all done and ready to wear! 

Products used:
Hot glue & gun
Feathers in different colors
Mod podge products (new gold mod podge was used too)
Gems, assorted colors and shapes

Here is another mask, this one I mod podge white paper with black felt flowers first.

For this mask I used all three mod podge products, regular, sparkle and gold!

These are the Six masquerade masks I made over the weekend.   Do leave me a comment telling me what you think.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Festive Friday Hop!

Good morning everyone and welcome to the  Festive Friday Blog Hop 2012.   Please make sure to start at the beginning  back to Terri's site
Did you come here from ?, if not please go back and start from the beginning. 

This is the first hop for 2012, looking forwards to making cards all year long.  Make sure to stop and look at every one's Christmas cards, enjoy!

I'm so sorry for the delay but had computer problems at home today.  Here is my card, it is very simple but I like the ornaments.
this is my first Christmas card for 2012

Here are all the supplies I used - the paper is from Martha's holiday stack

Thank you for stopping by, and please  make sure to stop at Diane Tuggle's blog

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rings, rings, rings......

 RINGS, RINGS, RINGS........ you just can't have too many rings, not ever!!!!
I LOVE making jewelry- and I love big Rings, specially if they have crystals - or should I say if I use crystals.  Above is a picture of the last rings I've done. I've done rings using wire, nylon thread, and now using Plaids ring findings, and Apoxie Sculpt.   Below I will add a couple of pictures showing all the materials used to make these rings. 

Now as you can see, all I needed to make the ring was the apoxie, the crystals and Plaids silver ring finding, now since I used the clear crystals, I used the gray apoxie, I didn't like how the gray looked against all the sparkle from the crystals - so I used Tim's silver and with a blotter brush I brushed all the exposed apoxie on the ring, now it is silvery sparkly and LOVE wearing it - specially on a sunny day - you can see all the glittery lights just floating around. 

Here is how the ring looked after the apoxie dried (picture above)- you can see the gray against the crystals - it just needed some shine! so we will call this the before picture....

Now here, look at the after picture! - it's all silvery and glittery!  now to make sure the silver would stay on, I used Mod Podge's  "Dimenional Magic" now this is a ring I  will be wearing a lot! thinking matching earrings are going to be needed, maybe some beads for a bracelet - yes I will make some beads out of apoxie to make the earrings and bracelet - no baking needed when you work with this product - 

Here is a picture of a ring I made using the same products, just different color of apoxie, I did use a copper color, not happy about it so I colored it gold to match the crystals.

Here is a picture showing the dried apoxie ring - you can see the original copper like color and you can see as I added the gold paint on one side of the  ring - I had added dimensional magic to the ring - you can see the glossy look of the ring, so I painted over it.

Now here is the final gold tone ring, I went ahead and added more dimensional magic after the paint dried.  I like this much better!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ring of Hearts!

Well finally got my shipment from Fire Mountain Gems.  I didn't pay attention to the size of the swarovski rhinestones I ordered, but turns out they were the perfect size for the ring I got.   Here is a picture of all the materials I used for this ring. 
These is everything I used to make my ring

Here is a closeup of the rhinestones and the ring blank

Here is a picture of the apoxie - I used the white and the black - this is a two part so you have to use equal amounts of the colored apoxy and the gray - you mix them together until you no longer see the gray - otherwise it will not work.

Here is part of the video I made to show how I made this ring using these 2 part apoxie, figure it would be easier to show, than typing the instructions.  The rest of the video is going on my youtube channel.


12 Hours later this is the finished ring, now this is the first ring I make using this blank ring and these incredibly tiny, tiny rhinestones, now I have no problem looking at things from close, but I almost went blind trying to place the black ones on the black apoxie - I'm not 100% happy because I can see the white apoxie but as little as these rhinestones are, I guess I needed some smaller ones, for a couple of the hearts.  Next time I will order different ring blanks like with no design on them, it would be easier and not hurt my eyes. LOL it was fun and I love wearing my ring. 

Mod Podging Around!

So I wanted to share other projects I have done in the past using wood frames, acrylic & glitter paint by Plaid; sequins, paper, glitter, Quick Snippers and mod podge. 

Now I am not or have I ever used the sequins that come all strung together, the ones I use are all lose and have tons and tons of these in different colors. So I decided to use them on these frames, now how long it took, who knows, all I know is it was a really long time, and it actually helped me to relax.

I didn't do any sketches, once I started it all just took shape on it's own.  I Love each of these frames, but my two favorites are the multi color with different designs, and of course the one I made for my daughter's picture of her sweet 15th bday.  
this is the "NICOLE" frame - I first painted it all in pink and used glitter while the paint was wet around the heart leaving enough space to add sequins to the border of the heart, I mod podge each sequin at a time.  trying to keep the pattern was a bit of a challenge - this frame is in my office! 

here is the "SUNSHINE" frame - all painted in yellow - then used three different colors of sequins  that were individually  mod podge to the frame

this frame "ARTSY" was first painted all in white - then took different tones of pink and purple paint,  and then made designs using different colors of sequins again glued with the mod podge

"Blue for You" frame - a light blue paint used and then three different colors of sequins were used 

here is another frame I painted all white then just added different colors of sequins in different patterns,  so I decided to call this frame "DIRECTIONS"

I have added two other frames that are my favorites, these two are "butterfly in flight" and the "Family Memories"; these are done using papers, the butterfly one I also used the foil you get with your take out mexican dinners that is used to wrap the tortillas or "shells". I punched out flowers out of this foil so it is a partly recycled project.  

Now Limiri LLC came out with this great tool called Quick Snippers, it has six scissors, each has a different design, and I used this tool to cut out all the papers I used on these two frames - you can see the edges of the papers, it shows the designs you get from this tool, which I think is great because is like carrying 6 tools in one. , now all I used to glue all the materials to the painted frames was nothing more then mod podge. Take a look, hope you like these as much as I do.

This frame was painted using plaids acrylic and glitter paint - the big flowers on top were part of the  paper used on this frame - I cut them out, all the other paper shapes were cut using Quick Snippers and also used some other scrap booking embellishments, also some tulip metal rounds and gems.  All materials were glued using mod podge glossy.

This frame is I say a bit bigger then 8X10 - love this orange color, you can see all the punched flowers out of paper and foil - used some small yellow beads in the centers - and then if you look close you will see that I cut different colors of papers into mall pieces with the Quick Snippers, every single little color dot around the outer edge is a tiny piece of paper kind a hard to see the design on these tiny papers everything was glued in place using mod podge glossy, except for the butterfly - I used hot glue. I had to add some orange small beads to the inner circle border of the frame - I did use the same paper to make a backing for the photo in the center - this frame looks awesome on my living room wall

Friday, January 6, 2012

Decoupage Rose Fabric Pen

I like to decoupage- so I try it on everything from wood to plastic to glass to just abut anything.  I made a pen for my sister it was covered with fabric - it was white with flowers outlined in black so I gave it color by using glitter mist - not sure the name but it looked like a pretty rose color, then I used Martha's new glitter paint - Well below you will see the steps and a brief description of how I did my sister's pen which is just like the one in this post.
Now I could type the material names but figure the photo would be better, not shown on this photo is the heat gun  I used to dry the fabric faster after the  paint and modge podge was used

So here is the piece of fabric all ready - used the glitter mist, the glitter paint and the heat gun to dry it up fast. 

Here you can see I covered the pen with lots of fabric mod podge I did add some to the fabric too, and  after I rolled the pen on the fabric - I  cut the left over fabric off - 

here is the pen all covered with the fabric, now you can see I did not cover all the way to the tip - because I want to be able to use the cap - or the person getting the pen, so she can cover it when not in use.

Now I could have used the fabric mod podge to seal the fabric- but decided to use dimensional magic instead - it would seal it and make it shiny - here it already has the magic on the fabric - as you can see it does look shiny, now it's ready for the final embellishment - the wire and the beads

I took Aleen's super gel brush-on adhesive and brushed it around the exposed top of the pen,  then took the red wire and wrapped it around twice, now all I have to do is string several of the pink and red beads you see in the photo

Here is the final result - all the beads are strung and wrapped around the top of the pen - now it just has to dry and  is ready to go to it's new owner - this will be a late Christmas present for a friend.  Now I have more fabric left so I just might make a few more in different colors. 

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