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From my Art Journal...............The Woman Within Myself!!!

I've always loved to paint, but stopped for many years and watching my daughter learn to draw and paint in her senior year in high school, got be back into painting.  I remember back in high school, I loved to paint in black and white and all the gray tones, no color for me, I remember my art teacher telling me to use color, and me refusing to, until I received a warning I would get an "F" if I kept using black and white only.  
Well as I was forced to use color in my paintings, I discovered that there is more to just black and white, and that you can do more than just paint on canvas, I switched to ceramics, then to fabric, wood, metal, etc. for the past 25 years I have painted on just about anything and everything and have enjoyed it pretty much, using bright colors and yes still using my favorite combination of black and white.  
I was going to do a portrait of my daughter, however I decided to continue with my attempt to get better at mixed media, which is totally n…

From my Art Journal

Hi there, this is a little painting that I made, see I started keeping an art journal, I have many pocket size sketch books I filled out over time, now I decided to keep a journal no bigger than 6X8 so it fits in my purse, along with some pens for coloring in.  At home I use distress minis from Tim Holtz to do a back ground on several pages at once, this way I can just sketch/draw onto the pages whenever I feel inspired. 
I have posted several photos of finished pages on my facebook page, and a couple of friends ask if they could buy some, now I never thought about selling these, so I said I would make them a bit bigger for them to buy.  
Here are some photos from some of the pages from my art journal.  

I chose these two pages to make them bigger, now I did not keep track of what and how these were done, again, it was not my intention to sell - I just wanted to draw/paint as inspiration kicked in.  I'm keeping my journal as is, for these pages are double sided.  I will try and t…