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A Frosty and Spooky Jewelry Gift

Hi there, today I want to share a fun jewelry set I made to give as a gift.  I have great family and friends that appreciate and love hand made gifts.  One of my sister's is always wearing something I made for her, many years ago.  It feels great to see people appreciate something you made just for them.   Since our family celebrates the Day of the Dead, I wanted to make something fun and different.

I took some pretty clear beads and thought it would be nice to dip them in etchall to give them a "frost" look, I thought it would make them look ghostly too.  I made my own tiny resin skulls that were hand painted to look different and incorporated black beads into the project as well.

This had to be a full set, a nice necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I can't wait to give this set to my sister tomorrow.

So here's what I did to my clear beads.  See below for steps on how this awesome product works.

I purchased these tiny cups that look like cupcake liners but they a…

Resin Transformation - Vampire to Creepy Wendigo Teeth

Hi there, today I want to share with you what I made last night for my son.  My youngest son is going to art school and they are having a Halloween party at school today, they announced that there would be a costume contest.  Now my son had already planned on dressing up; he has all these other costumes that he purchased over the last couple of years, and well when he heard they were having a contest he decided that he would go as "Wendigo Mike" from "Until Dawn"which I believe is a PS4 video game he loves to play.  
Earlier this week, he showed both his sister and I a video of how to do the make up and what kind of teeth he would need, now my daughter pulled of the make up part very well, me on the other hand didn't think I could make the teeth that he wanted only because he asked me this Tuesday if I could make then, and the party is today, I suggested a visit to the costume store was needed, so he did, he went and the only teeth he could find were vampire t…

From Recycled to - Welcome Fall!

Happy Monday! to all.  Today I want to share a fun recycled project that can be used for any season.  I love to include recycled materials as much as possible in my crafty projects, today I use an empty Starbucks coffee glass container, I love drinking these a lot, so I do have many on hand and many that have been recycled already.
Today's project is very simple,  pretty and easy to change it's look.  The main crafting products I'm using today are from Etchall,  I love how easy their products are and not only that but you get to recycle their etching creams and now you get to use their new stencils over and over again, yes they have some new fun stencils that are re-usable, these are called  they currently have two Halloween sets on sale, so I suggest you go check them out.   
I loved the idea of been able to use these stencils over and over again, they are not sticky, there's no glue on them, they are so easy to use.  I simply used masking tap…