Friday, October 30, 2015

A Frosty and Spooky Jewelry Gift

Hi there, today I want to share a fun jewelry set I made to give as a gift.  I have great family and friends that appreciate and love hand made gifts.  One of my sister's is always wearing something I made for her, many years ago.  It feels great to see people appreciate something you made just for them.   Since our family celebrates the Day of the Dead, I wanted to make something fun and different.

I took some pretty clear beads and thought it would be nice to dip them in etchall to give them a "frost" look, I thought it would make them look ghostly too.  I made my own tiny resin skulls that were hand painted to look different and incorporated black beads into the project as well.

This had to be a full set, a nice necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I can't wait to give this set to my sister tomorrow.

So here's what I did to my clear beads.  See below for steps on how this awesome product works.

I purchased these tiny cups that look like cupcake liners but they are for painting, the inside is like plastic, but yet is flexible just like a paper cupcake liner.   I use these a lot when I paint, to hold water or even small amounts of paint.

I took my dip'n etch liquid, my paper cup, and my clear glass beads, I left the head pins on the beads.

I placed the beads in the paper cup and added enough etching liquid to cover them completely, left them alone for 15 minutes so that the etching would take place.

Once the  15 minutes are over,  you can pour the etching liquid back into the bottle, because just like the etching cream, the liquid is re-usable too.  On the photo below you can see the beads, all you have to do at this point is rinse the beads and make sure all the etching liquid is gone, I got to re-use my paper cup too.  Remember to follow the instructions on how to rinse off the etching liquid safely, specially if you have a ceramic sink. Click on this link to find out more about this great product and how to purchase some to try  if you haven't yet. Dip'n Etch Liquid

Here you can see the now frosted glass beads, at this point you can do anything you want to them, you can go ahead and paint them over, add designs or like a friend suggested add some tiny eyes and make them look like tiny ghosts.  I decided to just use them this way, I had some beads I didn't etched, so the contrast by using both would be nice. 

Here you can see how the clear glass beads look along side the new frosted glass beads, loved how this product allowed me to make my glass beads look so different this new mix is going to make my project more interesting.   Now it was time to assemble a new jewelry set to give away as a gift.

Here are some photos of the finished necklace and bracelet, I was able to incorporate the original clear glass beads along with the new frosted beads and some black beads were added to add more contrast.

This photo shows the necklace, the focal piece has one of the resin skulls I hand made and a cluster of beads showing the new frosted and the original clear glass beads, along with a couple of black beads.

I added three skulls to the chain, each one has beads on the sides, both the new etched beads and the original beads, I'm really happy on how these looks, it's interesting and fun, knowing it's the same bead, and that I was able to give it a new look with this fun etching product.  

I had to take this project outdoors to get a better reflection of these fun beads.  The first photo below shows the bracelet I made, using the same items as the necklace and focusing on the same type of groupings to make this a matching set.

This photo here shows the three groupings on the necklace, here you can see the focal piece, that nice cluster of beads really shows how the etching liquid can help you take one bead and make it look completely different, allowing you to have more options in your jewelry making without having to go and buy other beads.   I can't wait to give this to my sister, I just know she's going to love it.

I recommend you give this product a try, it's so easy to use, really in this case all I had to do was pour it in a container with beads and let it do it's work, that's it, it can't get any easier.  Go her to order this and some of their other products available for you.   Get creative and make your Holiday gifts, I'm sure everyone would enjoy a special gift handcrafted just for them.   Etchall

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Resin Transformation - Vampire to Creepy Wendigo Teeth

Hi there, today I want to share with you what I made last night for my son.  My youngest son is going to art school and they are having a Halloween party at school today, they announced that there would be a costume contest.  Now my son had already planned on dressing up; he has all these other costumes that he purchased over the last couple of years, and well when he heard they were having a contest he decided that he would go as "Wendigo Mike" from "Until Dawn"which I believe is a PS4 video game he loves to play.  

Earlier this week, he showed both his sister and I a video of how to do the make up and what kind of teeth he would need, now my daughter pulled of the make up part very well, me on the other hand didn't think I could make the teeth that he wanted only because he asked me this Tuesday if I could make then, and the party is today, I suggested a visit to the costume store was needed, so he did, he went and the only teeth he could find were vampire teeth, so last night he showed them to me and asked me if I could make them "creepy looking". 

These are the vampire teeth my son purchased at the costume store

I sat for a while trying to think what and how I could change these teeth, well all I could think of doing was making a mold to change the shape of the vampire teeth, then use resin to make the new teeth. I looked around for a glue I could use to adhere the new teeth, when it hit me, I don't need glue, the resin will be the glue.    

To make the mold, I used   Amazing Mold Putty  (to find out how to use this product click on the link) and once it was mixed, I placed the vampire teeth onto the putty as you can see on the photo below.  Normally when I make molds I leave the item I'm molding sit in the putty for about 10 to 15 minutes so the mold can set, in this case I needed to change the look of the teeth, so I had to remove the teeth right away and I used the end of a popsicle stick to change the look of the teeth, I had to move fast because this product sets pretty fast, you can see on the photo below how the mold came out, the stick helped make indentations on the teeth which is what I wanted, this monster can't have nice teeth, they have to look creepy!
Here you can see the two part Amazing Mold Putty, ready to be mixed and the teeth and stick all ready for mold making/shaping

Here you have the first step, I placed the teeth on the mixed putty, time to remove the teeth so I can shape the new ones on the putty

Here you can see how I used the stick to shape the new teeth, they had to be longer and oddly shaped

Now that I had the mold, it was time to get the resin, I chose to use the  Amazing Casting Resin (to find out how to use this product click on the link) for this project because it only takes about 15 minutes to set, and I needed the teeth to be done right away since he needed to use them today. 

After mixing the resin, I have very little time to work with so I added the mixed resin to the mold, waited a little bit then placed the original teeth back into the mold over the resin, I had to hold this mold with my hands because I needed to make sure all the teeth got covered with resin, it took about 15 minutes for the resin to harden enough for me to let go of the mold.  I left it alone a bit longer just to make sure the resin was hard enough and to ensure it would be glued onto the original teeth, see this resin can be used as a glue before it sets and it will be permanently fixed to the original teeth.  

Here you can see the resin curing on the mold, and the vampire teeth placed over the resin, waiting for it to harden enough so I can remove it from the mold.
This product sets really fast, and it remains soft for a while, which allowed me to remove all the excess resin, I didn't need resin on the gum area so I removed it all, then I trimmed around the teeth, and with the x-acto knife I cut and shaped the teeth, I really loved how this project turned out, below you can see photos of the resin teeth before and after they were trimmed. 

Here you have the new creepy Wendigo teeth, you can see the original teeth and then the resin that was added,  now it's time to remove all the excess resin and trim and shape the teeth before the resin hardens all the way
Here you can see the mold, the new Wendigo teeth, and the excess resin that was removed using the X-acto knife (please be careful when using sharp tools)
Now all we needed was to paint them. I looked around for some non-toxic paints I could use that would stay on the resin and not come off.   I ended up using two markers to give color to the new resin creepy teeth, first I colored them with the cherry color marker, then with the black, I used my fingers to spread the paint around, once they were done, they were ready to go.   Below you can see photos of the fully transformed Vampire Teeth into Wendigo Teeth.  You can see the front and back of the teeth, the back shows you all the resin that was added thanks to these amazing products. 

Here are the finished Wendigo Teeth, he was so happy with the way they turned out.
This morning my daughter and son got up at 6am, and my daughter began to do the special latex make up, she did an amazing job.  He got dressed and off we went, I can't wait to hear about his day at school. This is the first time he dresses up this way, usually he wears costumes that come with masks, he was very excited about the make up and the teeth.  I was very happy to had been able  to help him out, I love how these products work, it amazes me how I've been able to use them in so many ways, this was for sure the most fun I've had working with  these amazing products.

I'm going to share here the entire transformation, my part was the easy one, my daughter spent about three hours this morning doing all the amazing make-up to transform my son into a "Wendigo".

Nicole busy adding all the details 

He had no idea how this was coming along

All done with the Make-up now time to get dressed and get them teeth in place

Below are photos of the entire transformation -

I hope you enjoyed this fun and creepy tutorial, these products never stop surprising me, this was the most fun I've had, I'm so exited about this transformation that I can't wait for the next idea.  If you have not tried these products, I really suggest you give them a try.

Monday, October 12, 2015

From Recycled to - Welcome Fall!

Happy Monday! to all.  Today I want to share a fun recycled project that can be used for any season.  I love to include recycled materials as much as possible in my crafty projects, today I use an empty Starbucks coffee glass container, I love drinking these a lot, so I do have many on hand and many that have been recycled already.

Today's project is very simple,  pretty and easy to change it's look.  The main crafting products I'm using today are from Etchall,  I love how easy their products are and not only that but you get to recycle their etching creams and now you get to use their new stencils over and over again, yes they have some new fun stencils that are re-usable, these are called  they currently have two Halloween sets on sale, so I suggest you go check them out.   

I loved the idea of been able to use these stencils over and over again, they are not sticky, there's no glue on them, they are so easy to use.  I simply used masking tape to pull the ends of the stencil together very tight.  then I added more masking tape to make sure no etching cream would accidentally spread out to the other areas of the glass bottle, it is important to protect the areas you don't want etched.

As you can see below, I share photos of how I used this Etchnet re-usable stencil of the letter M that has some tiny cute mushrooms.

Taped the ends of the stencil together to secure it and make sure is not loose 

Taped all around the stencil image with masking tape to prevent any etching cream to accidentally end up on other areas of the glass bottle

Here is my stencil ready for the etching cream 
Once I had the stencil taped on the glass bottle, You have two options to apply the etching cream over your stencil, you can either use their etchall® Designer Tip or their  etchall® squeegee, you can check their website to read more about these tools. I decided to use the designer tip, I felt it was perfect for applying the etching cream to the areas to be etched.  Now when you use the designer tip, you don't really get to recycle the cream, I figured since it was a small stencil, it would be fine, had I used a bigger stencil I would have gone with the squeegee and recycle the cream.  You really don't want to waste this product.

Once you apply the etching cream, you wait for 15 minutes, you could work on another piece while you wait for this one to etch.   Once the time is up, you simply wash the etching cream off with warm water, make sure to read the directions on how to rinse the etching cream safely if you have a ceramic sink.  Once you rinsed off the etching cream, you can remove your tape and stencil.  Rinse your stencil, dry it and it's ready to be used again.
Etching cream applied with the designer tip

Etching cream rinsed off and the stencil removed 

I added water with a few drops of alcohol ink to make it easier to see the etched design
Now that my glass jar was etched, I had to think for a bit what I wanted to do, so I took some glittered Mod Podge by Plaid and brushed it all over the glass bottle around the etched design.   Since I wanted this to be a Fall decoration, I took some ribbons and wrapped them around the top of the bottle leaving some long tails, then adding a nice big bright yellow artificial flower.  Now I can change the ribbons and flower for Christmas, Easter, or any other Holiday, so this can sit on my desk at he office and look different by simply making these two changes. 
Finished project

I could easily add some water and fresh flowers too and use it as a pretty vase, this turned out to be an easy, fun and creative recycled project. 

I hope I have inspired to recycle and to try these fun products to change the look of an ordinary glass bottle and give it a new face, a new use, and keep it from ending up in the recycling box.  

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