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Welcome to another great Festive Friday Hop, our host is Terri Sproul - make sure to start 

by visiting Terri’s blog

This Hop takes place every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (except for December) –
This weeks card is a sparkly one, I like everything that sparkles and I have all these different glittered papers - all different colors so I decided to make a small forest of glittered green trees, 

I took two different colors of green and my Quick Snippers using the volt design I cut out all the trees in different sizes.  I took some colored wire and wrapped around some of the trees.

I used some glitter mist sprays in blue and silver and colored the white card stock first, then 
took each tree and glued it to the card using Aleene's Tacky Dot Singles, then I took a white ink stamp and added some here and there to make it look like snow. 

Last I glued some tiny little iridescent white pearls to the top of the card (it got cut off a bit from the photo).  I…

Altered Spoon Bloghop with Susan Brown

Outdoor Flowers for all Seasons!!!

Susan is celebrating her five year blogiversary today and invited me to take part on her Altered Spoon Bloghop.  Congratulations Susan, make sure you go to her blog and take a look at all the projects made for this hop.

I had no idea what or how to alter these spoons, all I knew is that I wanted to use Viva Decor paints and wanted to make my project part recycled, and it had to be flowers, so this is what I came up with.  I worked on two spoons and I love flowers so I decided to try and make them out of the plastic cups you get from Wendy's and Panera, and that is what I used here. Westcott's scissors were used to cut the plastic cups - love this scissors, they seriously cut everything!!! I also used some duck tape and some white lace along with a couple of pipe cleaners, some Adtech high temp glue. 
This spoon has two butterflies and two flowers I made using a Pane…

My Messenger Bag

A while back I purchased a mystery box from Crafty Chica there were lots of fun stuff and a couple of these blank messenger bags.  Back in July when I attended the CHA event in Chicago I won a nice box of Tulip products and thought it was perfect to get creative and therefore I decided to use some of my sketches and paint them one of the messenger bags.  This took me about a week's time because I worked on it after I got home from the office.  I used a lot of different Tulip's fabric paints, and fabric fusion glue, along with different types and colors of yarn, and I recycled a yellow and red t-shirt into yarn, also some sequins and acrylic gems.

I wanted to paint something inspirational, something that represents my heritage.  I went for bold colors, glitter paints and included some of my handmade fabric flowers.

Here are some photos showing the different sides of the bag, the only part not decorated was the inside.

top photo shows the front of the flap, once you flip this up …

So You Think You're Crafty Audition (S.Y.T.Y.C.)!

Hi there, I'm taking part of season 13th and our first projects are up, come check them out and vote for your favorite.  I can't reveal which one is mine, but I hope you chose it!!!  Here is a link to the audition page over at S.Y.T.Y.C.

“Core Cards Creative Frenzy”

Paper has become one multipurpose product in my crafting.  I like spending time creating fun cards for all occasions, making flowers, decorating wood frames, and making jewelry.  There are so many different types of papers out there, and this allows me to get more creative, to use it in as many different forms as possible, here are a few photos that show what I like to do with paper!!!


Welcome to another great Festive Friday Hop, our host is Terri Sproul - make sure to start by visiting Terri’s blog

This Hop takes place every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (except for December) –
I decided to make a card using different types of paper all in blue, ribbon, some silver stickers and paint.   I love the Holographic papers, and this stickers are so pretty on the package they just look white with a bit of glitter - but once I placed them on the card - the glitter looks blue! These are the best photos I was able to take, loving how the 3d crystal lacquer in silver gave the coordination's blue paper a pretty shimmer , I added the crystal lacquer around the flying reindeer and it looks like he really is in motion.

this card looks so pretty in person, I am going to make a few more - I do have other colors -  hope you like this, I'm just loving my little deer. 

Thank you for stopping by and please go check out Susan's project - hop …

Paper Crafting!

I like to work with all different types of materials and sometimes I like to mixed them in my projects.  I started making greeting cards again last year.  I also like making jewelry out of paper, and decorate frames with paper and paper flowers, and so on.  Well I want to show some of the projects that I have done recently, take a look and comments are welcomed!