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DIY, Colorful Etched Glass Pots!!

Hi there, today I want to share a pretty colorful and fun project.  I wanted to play around with my etching cream and before going to a bigger glass piece, I took these little ones and decided to etch a pattern on them.  I've never used a brush to apply etching cream on my glass projects, but today I wanted to do something different, I wanted an unusual pattern, instead of using a stencil or the designer tips to etch, I wanted to see brush strokes, this could only happen if I used a brush, something you normally don't want as a result on your piece unless that's what you are going for.
I wanted a pattern on my glass pieces that somewhat would resemble a basket weave look.  So I took out a few paint brushes that had hard bristles so I could get the etching design I was looking for.
On the photo below you can see how I applied the etching cream, I left it alone for 15 minutes before rinsing it off,  Had I done this project using a stencil to show a checker pattern, I would …

DIY Spring Lamp

The weather around us here in Indiana has been a bit crazy lately.  With Spring finally here we expected to get a bit of warm weather and along with the showers we were hoping to see pretty flowers blooming and the grass getting green and but instead it's been pretty cold, with snow coming down on April.  However we can't wait to see lots of pretty flowers everywhere soon and enjoy the outdoors a bit more.
I received  a pretty etchall® lighten-up Kit that includes; one self-illuminating lampshade, one plastic sleeve, one template and instruction guide, it does require 3 AA batteries (not included).  
I needed a base for this pretty lamp shade so I went looking in my box of glass containers and in the recycling bin, and well it turned out that my bottle was in the refrigerator, I had this energy drink I got from Vegan Cuts, that was the perfect size for this project. I don't like energy drinks but this was a healthy and vegan option that I really enjoyed drinking.  I love to …