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A Spooktacular Halloween Coffin!!!

I thought it would be nice to make a post showing how I made this coffin, to show how I embellished the coffin since I didn't really make the actual coffin.  When I joined a coffin swap in an FB group, well I was getting ready to just use paper and paints, but then I thought why not do something totally different - so I used Amazing Casting Resin.  Well after I made that coffin, I went ahead and moved on to make this one too. By the time I finished this coffin, I had a hard time deciding which one would go to the coffin swap and which one I would keep, hard to decide, but figure it was only right to give away the first one and keep the second.

Now normally I would have base coated the entire coffin in black, and then play around with white, red, brown, gold, silver, copper to age the coffin, instead I went for the Amazing Casting Resin and the Alumilite metallic powders in different colors to base coat the coffin all over the outside. Below are three photos of what the coffin loo…