From my Art Journal

Hi there, this is a little painting that I made, see I started keeping an art journal, I have many pocket size sketch books I filled out over time, now I decided to keep a journal no bigger than 6X8 so it fits in my purse, along with some pens for coloring in.  At home I use distress minis from Tim Holtz to do a back ground on several pages at once, this way I can just sketch/draw onto the pages whenever I feel inspired. 

I have posted several photos of finished pages on my facebook page, and a couple of friends ask if they could buy some, now I never thought about selling these, so I said I would make them a bit bigger for them to buy.  

Here are some photos from some of the pages from my art journal.  

I chose these two pages to make them bigger, now I did not keep track of what and how these were done, again, it was not my intention to sell - I just wanted to draw/paint as inspiration kicked in.  I'm keeping my journal as is, for these pages are double sided.  I will try and take photos of my next art journal, since I'm done with my first one.

I love to paint, pretty much on anything and with everything I have on hand.  I used distress minis, plaids fabric paints and markers, sharpies, paint pens, and Viva Decor's paper soft paints.  My goal is to hopefully be inspired to paint/draw/sketch at least once a day, every day. 

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