Just a little bit of what I Love to Create

I like to create all different types of things, I have cutting machines, and tools to help me cut flowers, but I chose to hand cut them instead, as you can see on the next two photos, these are just a few, I make lots to keep on hand for whenever I need them.  I have tried to stick to one type of craft but is not possible, not for me anyway, I love to work on whatever I feel like making at the moment, but the two things I love the most is painting and jewelry making, I will paint on whatever I can, it's fun and even more when I can use my fingers instead of a brush. Well I just wanted to share a few of the different types of crafts I love to make. 

Hand cut paper flowers

Hand cut rowlux flowers

Hand made polymer clay beaded jewelry - prom

A mixed media  picture frame made with Amazing Casting Resin and quite a few other products for embellishments

Having fun with the Big Shot and embossing folders not to mention lots of ink pads used here

my very first hand made box out of card stock and resin owls, and hand cup paper flowers and embossed papers and some purchased skulls and spiders

Goofing around with a cut up t-shirt strip making a bracelet-ring to wear

Creepy frame decorated with some of my resin pieces

A creepy coffin used lots of different products, but mostly Amazing Casting Resin, so much fun making this coffin, that I had to make another

There's something about creating what I use that I love, so resin has become a staple in my work, just like hot glue and well many other products, I like to find as many uses as possible, it's how I challenge myself to step out of the box, to not repeat what I make, I like to be creative, by challenging myself it allows me to discover what else I can do.  

I believe there is no end to creativity, the more you use it, the more you have. I like to learn and share what I do, hoping to inspire others.  

Over the years I've heard so many people say "I'm not creative like you", my answer is you don't have to be like me, you have to find what you love, what makes you happy, because we are all creative in one way or another.  You don't need to use paint and a brush to be creative, you can be creative in the way to cook, the way you bake, even the way you decorate your home, etc.  


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