Journal Time, Playing with Watercolors

Here is my Journal, and some of the pens, water color markers, and pencils I'm having fun with
I love to paint and I've been playing around with water colors for a while. a couple weeks ago I went shopping for craft supplies and ended up getting a few sketchbooks for my family to use.  My kids love to draw and paint too, so figure why not get a few.

I've been playing with different types of water color markers and pens and I finally got to try out some fun Gelatos too.

The following are a few pages from my mixed media journal from Strathmore I purchase and keep in my purse along with a few of the pens and pencils I've been playing with.

Learning on my own to use watercolors was a bit fun, but well I did purchase a book to help me learn how to color flowers, I figure it should be the same way as when I use acrylic paints or regular color pencils, shading, and giving the drawings a dimension once you start adding color.  I can lose myself when I get a hold of a paint brush, last Saturday I was so into my drawing and coloring, that when I looked at the time it was 4:00 AM, it was Sunday.

Just want to share what I've done so far, painting is so relaxing, I truly enjoy this very much.
Here I used water color markers and Gelatos to add color to his fun page

Just playing around with water color markers, love the colors, how they blend, happy with these pages.

Found this tutorial on how to draw water drops over at Craftsy, so I thought I give it a try and loved how these water drops turned out.

Below are some of the flowers I've done with my water colors, the first one, I traced, but the rest are sketched free hand, I don't like the idea of tracing or using images from stamps when I'm painting, I still have a long way to go, a lot more to learn, but I'm having fun doing what I love; painting. 

I decided to draw some faces, I wanted to make a cat, and here is my purr-fect kitty.

Just playing around trying to do a face with nothing but water color markers.

I have this friend Sophie, she's an incredible artist.  I purchased this cute little painting of what I called, the loss of Innocence because I think it fits it perfectly. So I decided to paint one inspired on hers, of course mine is nothing closed to hers, I'm not as good as her, but I still wanted to give it a try and well this is what I came out with. 

this is my little sketch - using black and red water color markers.

Here is a photo of my friend Sophia, the day I purchased this awesome painting that I called "the loss of Innocence".  That's what the painting says to me.  She's amazing you can go check her work on Face Book - Sophia Rapata.

Well, this is what I've done so far on my journal, I can't wait to completely fill it out and move on to the bigger one.  I love crafting, but painting is my favorite thing to do, if I can paint on it, I will. 

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