Oh Christmas Trees!

Hi there, with the holidays so close it's time to start making some crafty gifts.  I found some cute little glass containers that I can decorate with tiny little trees and then fill them with some fun candies or cookies to give out to family and co-workers. 

I decided to do some etching on the glass containers and then add some fun glass paints, decorating the top lids and then simply filling them up with some fun candies latter on.  

I wanted some fun trees, hand traced to make each one different, this bottle shows a tree on each side, as you can see on the two photos below, I used the Etchall® Designer Tip to create each little tree, following the instructions, you leave the etching cream on the glass for 15 minutes, then you can rinse the cream off under running water, dry and your glass is ready to decorate anyway you want.

Here you can see a close up of the etching cream, and you can see how I made the trees.

 This photo shows the etched trees on the glass once you rinse off the etching cream. I have some Viva Decor Glass effect gel paints and I used the green, white and red to add some color to each tree.

As you can see on the photos above, I etched the bottom of the glass on all four sides, so that I could add some white paint and make it seem like they are sitting on snow. 

Below you can see I added just a little of the green gel paint to the trees, leaving some of the etching on the edges of each tree. The tree toppers are read and I added a bit of white on the trees representing tree decorations. 

Now, I was thinking you can add candies, or cookies, or just a simple light inside.

This shows what it looks like as a pretty decoration with a battery light inside

Here is the final etched glass showing the pretty Christmas trees that were so easy to make thanks to the fun etching products from Etchall's website.  Check out their website, with the holidays they have specials you can take advantage of and give etching a try, it's easy and fun.  I can't wait to finish making these, not sure how many to make, but there will be different sizes for sure.  

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