Etched Hearts, Wine and Candy makes for a perfect Family Valentine

Hi there, I wanted to share a fun project I made for St. Valentine's I made these for my family, to celebrate with a sip of wine on St. Valentine's. I have to admit I'm not much of a wine person, I don't drink much, but if I do I much rather have a margarita.

I wanted to make some fun glasses, so I decided to cut out different size hearts and use both the hearts and the outline of the heart, nothing goes to waste here.  I used Etchall-etchmask to make the hearts, I love how it adheres to the glass really good to prevent etchall etching crème or etchall dip ‘n etch to get underneath it.  It allows you to get sharp lines and a smooth design.  You can use this product to cut out your own stencils by hand or by using a digital or manual cutter.

As you can see on the two large wine glasses, I used different patterns, using both the hearts and the cutouts, you can create two entirely different looks.  Now  I had these cute smaller glasses, my son called them fancy shot glasses,the perfect size for me since I don't drink much.

Now time to get the glasses ready for the etchall etching crème keep in mind that you need to protect any area of the glass you don't want to etch, this includes the inside and the bottom of the glass, the cream starts to work immediately so wiping it off areas that are not meant to be etched is not going to prevent the etching processing to stop.

I used masking tape on the inside and at the bottom of each glass, to make sure no etching cream would get on those areas.  As you can see the two smaller glasses only have two hearts added on each glass, I wanted to etch the top of the glass only.

Below you can see I covered more areas with the masking tape on one of the glasses, on this one I wanted the etching only on the heart cut outs, the other glass as you can see has etching cream all over the glass, this will etch everything exposed and the hearts will remain clear, same as on the two small glasses, except that on these smaller glasses I wanted the stems to remain etch free.

After the fifteen minutes required for the etching process to finish, I rinsed off each glass under running warm water, until all the cream was removed, dried them and then removed the masking tape and the vinyl hearts.  Things to remember before rinsing: (1) remove as much of the etching cream and return to it's original container and (2) never remove any of the tape or vinyl used on the glass before completely rinsing and drying, you can easily transfer etching cream to areas you didn't want etched.

Here you can see the pretty etching on the glass, can you see the clear heart? this is what I was going for on this glass. A pretty trail of clear hearts wrapped around the etched glass and I should mentioned that all the hearts I used are still good enough to use them again, another good reason to use this etching mask for your etching projects.

Here you have my new wine glasses, all ready for celebrating. I think by not adding any wording these can be used for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, special dates, etc.

 Yes, we had wine, candies and heart shape cookies, I had some of the cookie sprinkles left in the bag and thought why not add it to my wine glass, the wine was too bitter for me and the sweet sprinkles gave it an interesting taste.

 Hope you give these fun products a chance, and share with us any etched project you create.  Make sure to visit Etchall's website for more information on their products and visit their gallery for inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by. keep on creating.

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