Paper Jewelry

Paper Jewelry

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to make your very own molds!

Hi there, this month's blog hop Designer Crafts Connection members are playing with  Amazing Casting Products .  Make sure to check out all the projects and enter the giveaway. 

Today I want to share some special items I made over the weekend.  I love playing with Amazing Mold Putty most of the time I used things I find around the house that I think are fun and would make nice crafting items.   

There are a few things I've been wanting to make for a while, but I wanted to make my very own, not something already made by someone else.  I used Creative Paperclay to make some items, below you can see I made a small cross with a heart in the center, a heart and a tiny paw, the first two have a lot of texture added. 

Now that I have these items, it was time to bring out the Amazing Mold Putty and make some molds, can't wait to see how these turn out, I have to be careful with the tiny paw print, it is a bit fragile and hope I can remove it safely.

You have to use equal parts of each A & B, follow the instruction on the box of how to mix this product correctly so that you get perfect molds.

I decided to use both  Amazing Casting Resin and Amazing Clear Cast Resin for this project to show the difference in the finished piece. 

Here are all three items, all done with Amazing Casting Resin, When this resin cures all pieces look white if you don't add any color to the resin, you can then use any type of paints to color this resin.

Here is my tiny little paw, I turned it into a necklace. I love cats and this is one thing I've wanted to make for a very long time.

I also made one of these using the Amazing Clear Cast Resin along with Alumilite metallic powders in copper and silver to give it a metal finished look, this one piece will become all different types of jewelry and hopefully another item I can use to help raise funds for a cat rescue group I helped out before.

This piece was made using Amazing Casting Resin

Here you can see the Clear Cast Resin, I had to make the tiny little paw again, and this time I used the copper and silver Alumilite metallic powders.  Make sure to follow directions on how to mix this resin correctly, if you don't your resin will not cure.  

As you can see I mixed a lot of resin, so I prepared several molds to make sure the resin wouldn't go to waste, and since I didn't want to color everything the same way, I added the metallic powders to the mold and kept the resin clear. (should you decide to color your resin, make sure to add the color to the part A of the resin first, once mixed well, you can then combine parts A & B of the resin).

This tiny piece took about six hours to cure, now the back side you see here is pretty shiny but the front I knew wouldn't be, so once this piece cured, I turned it over and added the a little tiny amount of the clear resin over it using my fingers in order to make it shiny both front and back.

Here you have the final piece, it's pretty shiny in comparison to the one I made using only Amazing Casting Resin.

I hope I have inspired you to try and make your own items to mold, these fun items I created I can use in just about any way I want. I can make some fun jewelry, buttons or use them in mixed media projects, in cards, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Make sure to check out all the projects here on this hop, and enter the giveaway so that you can give these amazing products a try.  Be warned these can be addictive. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family IS Everything!

Hi there, today I want to share a project created for the monthly hop with Designer Craft Connection it's a small photo album I created to carry a few family photos with me.  I had this little canvas book and decided to play with some paints and a new product for me.  I've never used a gel press plate.  I received one from Gel Press and I used it to create backgrounds for this little 4 1/2' X 7"photo album.

This Gel Press plate is not "gelatin", this plate is super durable and reusable, it's easy to clean and you can use the package as storage when not in use.

This plate is so easy to use, when you remove it from the package make sure to remove the clear film from the block before use.

It can't get any easier, once the film is removed, you can begin to add your paint.

Start adding your paints in any pattern, you can also use a brayer to roll the paints into a thin layer of paint, you can also create texture with anything from stencils, textured paper towels, etc
Once you are done creating patters on your plate, place your paper or fabric over the paint, use your hand or a clean brayer to rub the paper/fabric in order to transfer the paint.

Once done, gently remove the paper/fabric and you will have a beautiful print.

Clean the plate with water and continue making more prints, here are photos of the rest of the prints I made for my photo album

Here I used a textured paper towel to remove some paint and add the pattern to the plate. I ended up with a fun print on my paper towel to use later on in a different project.

Here is another print made. 

 Here is the final project, a nice and colorful photo album I can add photos and messages about my family and either carry in my purse or display in my office.

This is the front cover

 Here you can see the back and front covers, these are the only pages made from canvas

 Here is a quick look at the inside pages, the white pages are vellum, and the others are just black card stock used. I can't wait to add more photos and some inspirational quotes for my family to enjoy.

This was a first time experience using a gel press plate and I can't wait to use it again and again, it makes playing with paint a lot more fun.

This is a sponsored post, Gel Press provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.

Materials used:

Gel Press Plate 5" X 7"
Acrylic paints
Canvas/cardboard album
Vellum paper
Dimensional Magic, silver glitter by Mod Podge-Plaid

Press your paper on the gel plate- lift the print and Voila! Creating a masterpiece is easy. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Three Tiers of Sweetness with Deflecto!

We have a Sweet Sixteen celebration coming up for my beautiful Niece Mika and it's time to start planning for it.

Deflecto sent us some fun products to play with. One of these items is a  3-Tier Dessert   stand that allows you to display your desserts and appetizers, it has  two adjustable tiers perfect for small or large size cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, candies, etc.

You can decorate the edge of all three tiers with ribbon or tape to match your party               theme or cut up some double sided paper or doilies to cover the trays, like I did on mine.

This 3 tier dessert stand comes with easy to assemble instructions and the best part is when you are done, you can take it apart and store it back in its bag, until the next time you use it again.

I also used their VersaGrip™ Wide Clip Sign Holder to hold a special message to display on top of the dessert stand.

Materials used:

Here is how I decorated the 3-Tier Dessert Stand, I first cut out templates for each round plate.

Once the templates were all the right size, I took some double sided card stock and cut up all my pieces and using double sided tape, I glued them all underneath each round plate, starting with the bottom one.

All tiers are decorated and the dessert stand is ready to be assembled.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow, make sure to put together the two supports to look like the photo below.

Then add the bigger round plate, making sure the pegs on the supports lock in on the round plate, once they are secured your tier is ready for full assembly.  

The two smaller round plates are adjustable, depending on what slots you use when assembling them on the supports, will give you different height.

Now time to make a nice topper piece for this dessert stand. I used the  VersaGrip™ Wide Clip Sign Holder, I love how the top can tilt so you can adjust how you want your sign to be displayed.

 Here is my topper, a sweet little message for my niece.

Here is a top view of the fully decorated 3 tiers, adding a little bit of red curling ribbon for a more festive look. 

 The table is getting ready, now it's time to add some tasty desserts to this fun table 

I loved how this turned out, I know my niece will love something like this for her "Sweet 16" birthday celebration.

You can find out where to purchase Deflecto storage and craft projects from their website: Deflecto

This is a sponsored post.  Deflecto has provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.

Deflecto 3-Tiered Cupcake Stand
Make sure to start the hop over at the Designer crafts connection

There's a give-away of a 3-tiered dessert stand for one lucky winner, make sure to enter over at the Designer crafts connection  to win your own.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Frosted Etched Wedding Glass!!!

Hi there, I want to share a fun project I made using Etchall's etching products.  This project was inspired from pins I found on Pinterest. I had to make it my own, so I made it a fun dress with a corset back for fun. 

So let's start with the wedding dress glass.  I used two rubber bands to create the top of the dress, I added resist gel over the rubber bands to keep them from moving and as a protective barrier against the etchall® cr√©me.

Here you can see how I applied the gel, when wet it looks green, but once it dries it looks clear and it's very easy to peel off.  Here you can see my first idea was to add buttons to the back instead of the corset, but I didn't care for it, so once the gel dried I just peeled off the tiny dots of gel.

I took the etchmask and cut very thin strips to create the corset back part of the dress. 

 Here it all starts, adding the strips of etchmask.

Here you can see the criss cross added, I had to remove the strips quite a few times to make sure they were evenly spaced, good thing is this product is removable.

At the bottom of the glass I used the resist gel to design a flower trim and some little dots to show a pattern once the etching cream is removed. I didn't want to use tulle like everyone else on Pinterest. 

Now time to start etching and hope this glass turns out the way I imagined it.   I used a Popsicle stick to spread the etching cream on the glass, as you can see below.  As instructed you need to wait 15 minutes for the etching cream to work correctly.  This cream is reusable, so I removed as much cream as I could and returned it back to the original container.  Next you rinse off whats left on the glass under running water,caution this product will etch porcelain or ceramic sinks.

Here you have the glass, all etching cream was rinsed off, dried the glass and you can see the gel and the etchmask are still on the glass.  Look at all the etched glass, all frosted. 

Below you can see the gel and etchmask all removed.

Here it is the bride's glass is all etched, ready for a bit of embellishment is needed.  I like how this looks, no painting to be done on this glass.  Here you can see the front and the back of the glass, you can see all the details added on the bottom created with the resist gel.

To finish up this pretty bride's glass, I added a little bit of embellishment by adding some glitter glue to the top of the dress and then adding some white beads to create the illusion of a necklace, at the bottom of the glass I outlined the flower design  with the same glitter glue, then added little drops on the circles created with the gel, just a little sparkle to finish this up.

Here is a top view of the finished glass.

As much as I love to paint, I'm glad I decided to etch the image of the dress on this glass, love, love the subtle frosted look I achieved.  Mr. Tuxedo will be next, stay tuned.  

If you've never tried etching on glass before, I hope this project inspires you to give it a try, click on this link Etchall to go and get your starter kit, you will see how easy, fun and addictive etching is.