Paper Jewelry

Paper Jewelry

Monday, December 29, 2014

Personalized Gifts!!!

This year my kids decided to give out some hand made gifts, personalizing a few glass beer mugs was an easy project and fun. 

Glass etching is fast and easy, here you see the preparation starts, the names are printed and cut, I have my tip kit and etching cream ready. 

Here are two of the mugs, you can see how easy it was to use the tip kit to write the names and add a few designs to the mugs, I sat these over a box, to keep them steady and after 15 minutes, it was time to rinse, I let the water run over the cream, and then I washed it off as fast as I could, making sure no cream was left on the outside or inside of the mugs.  

The hardest part is to photograph the finished mugs, we made a total of four personalized beer mugs for family.

Here is a short video to try and show the results, these were a hit with the family.


  • Clear glass beer mugs (4)
  • etchall® – Etching Cream & Designer tip kit
  • Glass cleaner and paper towels
  • Print out of names and clear tape

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Craft Fail? I think Not...............

Hi there, today I want to bring you a project that almost wasn't. The photo below shows my headless resin doll.
New resin piece created with Amazing Clear Cast Resin
I have to admit I was going to just toss it away, I can see the face, but the top of the head is missing.  I put it aside for a while and one day as I sat in my office, I took out a pink highlighter and colored the back side of the resin doll and I liked how the pink on the back made it look as if the entire doll was pink.  I have a lot of hand made flowers in my office, made from all types of materials, including recycled shopping bags, foil, magazine pages, brown paper bags, etc.   So an idea came to me right there and then.

I thought what if I could create the illusion of a hat by adding flowers to the top of the head.  I made a tiny flower out of a piece of kleenex tissue and rolled a paper flower from a magazine page, I have some Christmas decorations in my office and cut a little red cherry, thought these three items would make a nice hat for my little resin doll.  The photo below shows all the items I made and recycled into this project.

Bellow I share two photos, the before and the after, that pink highlighter applied to the back really created the illusion that the resin was colored pink before making this piece. 


I felt she needed something to sit on, so I took this old plastic compact I've had for a while and removed the round mirror, I glued a piece of pink lace ribbon, I tore up a few tiny pieces of paper from a magazine and glued them on the mirror piece, then I glued my resin doll over the pieces of paper.  I glued a couple of metal buttons I had on hand, yes I do hold on to a lot of stuff, for I love to use recycled materials in my crafting as much as possible, here you see an old light bulb, this came from my car's turn signal light, I kept it and I think it's the perfect piece to finish my mixed media doll. 

She now sits on my desk, reminding me that sometimes things don't turn out right, but you can always find a way to make it right!

I hope that I have inspired to look at all those "craft fails" and find a way to make them work, I do believe that when it comes to "art" there are no mistakes, only new directions, new possibilities, new ideas.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi there, just wanted to share a project a friend asked me if I could make for her. It was inspired by a Martha Stewart video from the HALLMARK SPECIALS, SEASON -1 EPISODE SP0092 . 

My friend Rose has a Halloween party every year, she goes all out, decorating her basement and turning it into a haunted dungeon. A haunted house monster mouth entrance was needed and this video idea was perfect.

I had a friend make the wood frame, it was a perfect fit, went over the door frame.

Here is a list of materials I used:

Plastic bucket
4 Elmer's school glue
Aleene's original tacky glue
Mod Podge fabric glue
Tulip's soft fabric paint - black, yellow, orange, red
Tulip's neon spray paints - green, orange
Tulip 3D fashion paints, glow-in-the-dark all colors used
One set of brown bed sheets
Creepy cloth - black
Wood frame
Staple gun/staples
Ad tech mini glue gun
Ad tech neon mini glue sticks
Painter's paint brush (4")& mixing stick
Westcott's non-stick scissors
Black Sharpie

After the frame was assembled, we placed the flat bed sheet over the frame and pulled on back and stapled all around the frame, cutting off all excess and making sure the fabric was pulled tight.  The other sheet was cut into strips.

Once we had all the fabric strips and the frame covered with the fabric, it was time to get our hands dirty, well we used disposable gloves, but it was time to start having fun.

Now I didn't really measured anything, I poured some water into the plastic bucket and they I poured all the bottles of glue, mixed the water and glue, then I added the fabric paints, one by one, I added all the yellow, then in small amounts I added orange and red, once mixed I added a little of black, we were trying to get an army green, and it worked, the color was perfect.  You could see speckles of the colors we used.

I took my black sharpie and traced the eyes and the mouth opening on the fabric, we used a paint brush to add the glue and paint mixture to the fabric, then began placing the wet strips around the eyes and the mouth, my daughter and my friend worked on this step along with me, it was a lot of fun, between the three of us it took about two hours to finish placing all the strips on the fabric.  I thought it would be nice to add a bit of more color, so we all added some of the red, and black fabric paints to our gloves, and just dabbed the paint in scattered areas, this gave the piece a lot more dimension and character. 

I thought it would be best to not cut off the eyes and the mount until the glue was totally dry, to prevent it loosing it's shape.

Here are some of the photos from the beginning of this fun project.

Nicole and Rose, holding the monster, all fabric in place
As the girls raised the frame so I could take a photo we noticed how cool the wet mixture was running down on the mouth part we would later cut, it look like teeth to me.  

Here you can see the piece, as we placed it down over plastic on the grass so it would dry fast with the help of the sun.

A few days later we got together to finish the monster, it was late, dark and raining so we worked inside the garage.  It was time to cut out the mouth and my friend Rose thought why not cut it in strips, in the video the strips were hung behind the monster frame, her idea would give the same result, without having to use more fabric.  We cut the strips and left them hanging from the top part of the moth only.

Rose added glow in the dark fabric paint from @Tulip to the strips on the mouth and later we added some around the edge of the mouth as well.

Nicole helped me cut off the fabric from inside the eyes and hot glue some black creepy cloth, we first sprayed the creepy cloth with some fabric neon paint and then added lots of glow in the dark paint on the outside of the eyes, and inside to make them really look like monster eyes.

On these photos you can see the finished door frame, placed and ready for people to be eaten!!!! 

I see a creature trying to escape
The creature failed to escape and was swallowed!!!!
My friend loved her new Halloween decoration and it was a huge hit at her party last weekend. Everyone loved it, now we are trying to think on what we can do next year, using the same frame.  She will be able to remove the staples and use this monster over her front door next year. 

All material were purchased by me, this is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Picture Purrfect!

Hi there, this is Maria and today I want to share a fun project I made using some of my favorite crafting supplies.

I took two items I had at home, one is a wooden cat figure that has all these fun bright colors, and a tiny picture frame I received last year as part of a box of goodies my secrete Santa sent me.

First I had to chose what products to work with; Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin, and Alumilite Flo orange dye.

The Amazing Mold Putty comes in two containers part A (white) and part B (yellow) you take equal amounts of each and mix together until all you see is yellow, work  fast for this putty sets up pretty fast.  Once your putty is well mixed together you are ready to make your mold as seen in figure #1, it should only take between 10 to 12 minutes for the putty to set.

#1 - mold making of the picture frame

Here in figure #2, you can see your mold is ready for resin.
Figure #2 picture frame mold  
 Now you will do the same steps to make the mold for the cat's head as in Figure #3 mold making in process and Figure #4 cat's head mold is ready

Figure #3 - making the cat's head mold

Figure #4 cat's head mold is ready
 Now it's time to chose the resin, since I like to paint my resin pieces after they are set I use the Amazing Casting Resin, this resin sets really fast, make sure to follow the instructions on the box, you must use equal amounts of parts A & B, if you add any color to your resin make sure you add this to part A and mix completely, then add part B and mix again.  This resin takes very little time to mix, once you feel it getting warm, you know is ready and you have to move fast because it sets up pretty fast and since the weather affects it's time for curing, you need to make sure your molds are ready and always keep some extra on hand in case you have too much resin left over.

My resin and molds all ready
 I decided to add some orange dye into my resin, but since I mixed a lot of resin it ended up looking more like a light pink instead of orange, non the less it's fine since I planned to paint these two pieces.

Figure #6 below shows the resin as it cures, it goes from a clear orange to a milky light pink color.

Figure #6
 Below are figures #7 & #8 they show the resin head and the finished piece.  I used  Viva Decor metallic gold red modeling cream for the entire head, then I used a little bit of turquoise embossing cream in the ears, used a black marking pen to do all the outlines on the ears and face, then I took a silver marking pen and added some designs on the face and ears for contrast.

Figure #7, cat's head ready for paints
Figure #8, cat's head all painted
Below are photos of the picture frame, before and after all the paints were added, figure #9 shows the new cast made, I am sorry the picture is a bit blurry, somehow they all came out the same.  Figures #10 and #11 show the final frame, all colored with Viva Decor embossing and modeling cream paints. I wanted a distressed look for this frame, so I blended all the colors over each other as if there were layer underneath of all these different colors, to finish it up I used Tim Holtz's mini distress black soot ink  pad.

Figure #10 resin frame

Figure #11 front view of finished frame

Figure #11 side view of finished frame

Now that I had both pieces done, it was time to do something with both, I liked the idea of having the head as the image inside the frame, but I thought it needed some sparkle, so I looked around and found my O.P.I. nail polish, it's clear with tiny little crystals so I brushed these on the frame both on the outside and in the inside, then I took some wood beads I had and some chord and wrapped these on the side of the frame and a long bead that sits right below the head, I used some AdTech hot glue to glue the bead and the head in the frame.  Below is a photo of the finished project.  I really liked both pieces alone and together, there is so much I can see myself making with these two items, for instance I'm going to make some magnets with both, and the head can become all types of jewelry and fashion accessories.

I hope you liked this project, and come back again to see what else I create with these two items. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Creative Craft Journal - Binder

Hi, today I want to share what I did to a binder I got from Simple Stories.  At first I had no idea what I would use this for, then it hit me, I already have an art journal for painting, so I thought I would make this binder into a craft journal.  It would be fun to print out photos of some of my favorite projects and keep the how to steps along with the photos and I just might add some blank papers for when I get an idea, which means I'm going to need a bigger purse so I can carry this binder with me.

I decided to color the front cover of the binder with my blue hawaii and claret StazOn ink pads as you can see in the photo below.

I needed to give the cover some dimension so I took a piece from an old dictionary and inked it with Tim Holtz distress mini ink pads in mowed lawn and vintage photo. I had some velum paper with hearts and decided to tear up a piece.  I used some AdTech permanent glue runner to glue the papers on the cover as shown below.

I had this chipboard tag that I had on hand, I was bending it over and over and well it peeled in half, now that it was thinner, I just crumbled it up and inked it up using the StazOn ink pads in blue hawaii and claret.                              .

 I took a canvas circle and decided to so some stamping on it, just had to find the right stamp. I had this small set of stamps that reads"Color Your World" and it came with a second stamp of flowers and hearts,  so I figured this was perfect for my binder.

 Here is the canvas circle, stamped and ready for more color to be added, before adding it to the colored chipboard.

 Here is the canvas circle - I used some of the Tattered Angels glimmer mists in Purple pansy, viva pink, and electric blue, then I used the Smooch in pool to color in the words, and used the pumpkin, green apple and taffy to color the  flowers and the stems, using Ranger's liquid pearls in peacock to add the centers of the flowers and the pink to color in the tiny hearts.  I used Prima's text stamp on the chipboard.

It needs something else, so I took another old dictionary page and stamped on a bird and a heart from Tim Holtz Visual Artistry Collection - Stampers Anonymous. I used the black soot and fired brick distress inks and glued it to the chipboard, then I used some frost white ink on the paper the chipboard and the canvas circle, added the clip and this part was done. now it was time to figure out what to do next.

Since this is supposed to be a binder where I would keep my craft projects and ideas I thought it would be a good idea to add some inspirational quotes, so I took a page from my art journal, cut it up to size, used the mist sprays to add some color to the white page, then I went over my stash of stamps and found some clear stamps and use a few that I found perfect for this project.

The velum page I used already had some hearts on it, but I took my heart stamp and added a few more, just to add a bit of contrast to the paper.

Now that I had all the pieces together it was time to add them all to the binder.  The chipboard will only be clipped to the binder, I don't think I want to glue this piece permanently right now, the clip might come in handy later on, to hold clippings or something to use in my binder. But the quotes I glued onto the binder.
After placing the chipboard and the quotes, I noticed that the right side of the binder needed something so I decided to take my letter stamps and add the words My Art to the velum paper, then I took a piece of the dictionary page and glued it on the cover, and finally I added another stamp image, I used a flower stamp from my Stampendous April shower flowers clear stamps.

Here is the binder's cover, I just had to add something else to the side of the velum paper
Binder's cover with the last stamping done, I added the word "smile" and "my art" along with a Flower stamp that reads Happy

I had so much fun creating this craft binder as I went along, I had an idea that it needed to inspire me to be creative, to smile and be happy doing what I Love to do.

Materials used:

Simple Stories binder
From Frog Dog Studio's April kit 
  • Stampendous mini clipboard canvas (large size)
  • iZink pigment ink bottle - gold
  • Canvas mini's (1) from Canvas Corp
  • StazOn Midi ink pads - claret and blue hawaii
Clear stamps from:
  • Stampendous - april shower flowers
  • Tim Holtz - visual artistry collection, stampers anonymous
  • Prima - text 
  • Ki - inspirational quotes
  • Studio G - color your world 
  • Inkadinkado - fun with dots and alphabet
Liquid pearls - lavender lace, pink and peacock
Distress ink - fired brick 
Distress ink mini - mowed lawn, black soot, vintage photo

Memento - tuxedo black
Tattered Angels Glitter Mists - purple pansy, viva pink, electric blue
Color Box - frost white
The Paper Studio - velum heart paper
Smooch - sweet melon, pumpkin, pool, green apple, taffy
Studio G - clear stamping block

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Mask, Paint and Flowers...............


I was bored one day, and started sorting my crafting supplies, I found a few masks I had left from last year's prom.  I noticed I had some Rowlux sheets and my favorite paints Viva Decor, I was sorting these and a lot more crafting materials I either purchased on-line or won on Facebook.  I stopped sorting and organizing and got busy crafting.  This happens every time I decide to continue with my craft room re-organization. 

Oh and to add a bit of drama to the mask I took my Quick Snippers from LIMIRI's to add some designs by cutting all on the top with a scallop design and then taking the lightning volt design and cut on the bottom sides, then I painted the entire mask with Viva Decor Black 3D paint.

Next I took some Inka Gold in platinum and dabbed to the top half of the mask, going around the eyes.

Next I had to add some inka gold in red, I thought three colors was enough, but then I decided to go over the edges with some Viva Decor inka gold.  These paints have a very shiny finish, if you buff them you can see a lot more shine, you can see that shine on the photos below. 

I took Rowlux in different colors and made a total of four dimensional flowers and leaves all cut with Quick Snippers and painted with Viva Decor paints, I used two to three flowers to make each flower, I like dimension and after shaping the petals it really made these flowers pop, all the flowers are removable, I used some tiny brads from Prima to hold the flowers together on the mask.  

Now on the other side of the mask I decided to use some of my colored velum paper flowers I cut by hand using Quick Snippers too, added some contrasting colors to the edges to show off the designs cut with Quick Snippers.

The photos below show close-ups of the mask, you can see the different flowers used and the paints. I love the shine from the viva decor paints, however I needed to seal the paints and to also enhance the shine, so I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the entire mask, I did remove the Rowlux flowers to add the resin, but on the paper flowers since they were glued on the mask already with glossy accents, I just added resin around them and a bit on them too since I added paint to the paper (velum) flowers. The first three photos show one side of the mask with resin added the other side without, just to show how much shine is added with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

After I was done with the mask and had added the resin on the entire mask, I realized I needed something else, so I took some flat back crystals and used more resin to adhere these on the mask, as you can see on the photos below.

Here I used a craft stick to add resin on the areas I wanted to add the crystals

Here you can see some of the crystals around the bottom of the eye.  I also added some paint beads on the edge of the mask

The two photos above show all the crystals, the glitter swirls, and the paint beads, all added to bring more color to the mask and make it more fun and sparkly

Here is the finished maks, all done and ready to be worn.

Materials used:
Rowlux sheets in several colors
Velum colored paper flowers
Viva Decor paints, Inka gold and red, 3D black, glitter and paint pens in several colors
Prima small brads
Mask (craft store)
Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Tools used :
Quick Snippers