Saturday, April 12, 2014

From my Art Journal.............. The dark side of Love!!

Hi there, today I'm bringing you another mixed media piece that was inspired by one of my journal pages. I belong to a Facebook group called "The Craft Hole", we sometimes have challenges, I was intrigued about the "Gothic" challenge for April.  I looked at my art journal, and why would the word LOVE and hearts and birds make me think of Gothic, I will never know.  Here is what I did, I hope you like it, when I showed the final piece to my son and began to tell him the story behind it he said....."stop, I'm sad already" his words exactly.

So here is my story, very short to the point.

Love, we all hope is something that once we find IT, will last for ever, and yes sometimes it does, along the way, you find the way to overcome anything and everything and keep your love going strong.  Sometimes, love ends, hearts get broken and people walk away from each other, this is my story, short but to the point.

You can see the love birds, no longer together, the broken hearts that separate them, the light and darkness that comes with a broken heart, with a love that is no more.  Well now I see why my son said the piece made him sad.

Here is my piece from beginning to end, I love it and I have to say that I'm not in that place anymore, time does heal!.

Here is the journal page that inspired me to create my mixed media Gothic piece..... The dark side of Love!

I used water color paper, all was covered with Tim Holtz mini distress ink pads, it was just added over the entire page, then I used some of his stamps as well with black ink, and added text to one half of the page, on the other I stamped some hearts going down, added wings to some of the hearts and used the bird stamp one on the top and one on the bottom.  I added the word LOVE by hand, and painted with red acrylic paint, and used a black marker to outline the letters.

I was working on another project and had used the amazing casting resin along with Alumilite brown and red dyes. Amazing Casting Resin comes with a part A and Part B, you are supposed to mix equal parts of resin, and if you want to add color to the resin it is suggested to add it to part A first, then add part B and mix together, I followed this instructions, and right before pouring the colored resin, I added a bit of the red dye, I wanted some swirls on the resin and I wanted a red that was not too bright so mixing brown and red, really worked out, as you can see in the close up photo below.  Now amazing casting resin has very little time before it begins to set, so I just poured it over the page and let it spread on it's own, had I used the clear cast resin, you would be able to see the text underneath, but that's not what I wanted, I really loved how the resin lookes, the swirls of color came out just the way I was hoping they would.

Now it was time to use the amazing clear cast resin with some Alumilite red dye, this resin takes longer to set, so I had time to play with it, I used a stick to add the resin on the letters, then I decided to add it to the birds, the hearts and wings and some around the border of the page, using the stick to color in the hearts and wings was fun. 

I had to let the resin set over night, actually a bit longer, it's a bit humid in my home right now so it took a bit longer to set. 

Next I decided to take some acrylic paint in black and just added some all over the page in random, all around the resin, the words and the border of the frame to give it a darker look, all the purple you see on the photo above is not as bright anymore.  

Once the black paint dried, I took some Alumilite metallic silver powder and used a brush to apply everywhere I added black paint.   Once I was happy with the result, I mixed more amazing clear cast resin, this time I needed it to be clear, so I poured it all over the page in random areas, I did make sure to add it to all the stamped images, and to the red resin I had poured before, I loved how it made all the colors pop, made the text on the page stand out and loved how the metallic silver powder mixed with the resin and took it to other parts of the page as the resin moved, I had to let it set again, this time I let it set for 24 hours. Below are photos of the final piece.

Here you can see the red resin covered with the clear cast resin
This close up shows the areas that were covered with the amazing clear cast resin 

this close up shows the clear cast resin over the hearts and wings, the resin is already set, yet I love how it looks like water sitting on top of the images, at least that's how it looks to me
here is a close up of the top area of the page, you can see I only added to some areas of the page, it shows dimension but also contrast, as you clearly can see that the areas covered with the clear resin stand out, the colors look much brighter
Here is the final piece, I took the photo outside today, and it was very windy so I had to rush , because the wind kept blowing my piece away.  In person it looks amazing. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Just a little bit of what I Love to Create

I like to create all different types of things, I have cutting machines, and tools to help me cut flowers, but I chose to hand cut them instead, as you can see on the next two photos, these are just a few, I make lots to keep on hand for whenever I need them.  I have tried to stick to one type of craft but is not possible, not for me anyway, I love to work on whatever I feel like making at the moment, but the two things I love the most is painting and jewelry making, I will paint on whatever I can, it's fun and even more when I can use my fingers instead of a brush. Well I just wanted to share a few of the different types of crafts I love to make. 

Hand cut paper flowers

Hand cut rowlux flowers

Hand made polymer clay beaded jewelry - prom

A mixed media  picture frame made with Amazing Casting Resin and quite a few other products for embellishments

Having fun with the Big Shot and embossing folders not to mention lots of ink pads used here

my very first hand made box out of card stock and resin owls, and hand cup paper flowers and embossed papers and some purchased skulls and spiders

Goofing around with a cut up t-shirt strip making a bracelet-ring to wear

Creepy frame decorated with some of my resin pieces

A creepy coffin used lots of different products, but mostly Amazing Casting Resin, so much fun making this coffin, that I had to make another

There's something about creating what I use that I love, so resin has become a staple in my work, just like hot glue and well many other products, I like to find as many uses as possible, it's how I challenge myself to step out of the box, to not repeat what I make, I like to be creative, by challenging myself it allows me to discover what else I can do.  

I believe there is no end to creativity, the more you use it, the more you have. I like to learn and share what I do, hoping to inspire others.  

Over the years I've heard so many people say "I'm not creative like you", my answer is you don't have to be like me, you have to find what you love, what makes you happy, because we are all creative in one way or another.  You don't need to use paint and a brush to be creative, you can be creative in the way to cook, the way you bake, even the way you decorate your home, etc.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

From my Art Journal...............The Woman Within Myself!!!

I've always loved to paint, but stopped for many years and watching my daughter learn to draw and paint in her senior year in high school, got be back into painting.  I remember back in high school, I loved to paint in black and white and all the gray tones, no color for me, I remember my art teacher telling me to use color, and me refusing to, until I received a warning I would get an "F" if I kept using black and white only.  

Well as I was forced to use color in my paintings, I discovered that there is more to just black and white, and that you can do more than just paint on canvas, I switched to ceramics, then to fabric, wood, metal, etc. for the past 25 years I have painted on just about anything and everything and have enjoyed it pretty much, using bright colors and yes still using my favorite combination of black and white.  

I was going to do a portrait of my daughter, however I decided to continue with my attempt to get better at mixed media, which is totally new for me, something I've been afraid to do, simply because it was something I've seen so many do and in so many amazing ways that I was afraid to try and fail.  I do like to keep what I do to a minimum, trying to not make it to busy or cluttered for me to enjoy, is just a personal preference when it comes to painting. 

I wanted to do something that had some type of inspiration, I love my mom, God blessed me with an incredible woman as a role model.  She has been my rock, the one person I want to be like.  The way she always finds a way to be there for me, and my siblings, not to mention all the grandchildren; a total of nine to date.  I feel that women today are so much, they play so many roles, specially since many like myself not only go out into the world and earn a living, but are moms and have families to take care off. 

I hope that my mixed media painting for this week shows my view of the "woman within" myself.

This is a 14x17 painting I did last Wednesday, I was up till 3am finishing up, I just couldn't go to sleep till it was done.  I had an idea on what to do, and little by little it happened. I wanted to just paint, but instead I decided to use magazine pages to shape the profiles, and use pink tissue paper and plastic mash to shape a heart, and for textured I used Amazing Casting Resin instead of using gesso or modeling cream, I used the resin.  Please find below a few photos to show the process, I spent six hours working on this and I love the end result, I hope you do too. 

I used three different ink pads to color the back ground, instead of using regular paints.

I used mod podge to glue the tissue paper and the magazine page profiles, the black was one piece I hand cut and the other was pieced together into shape, looking at this photo I actually see two faces on the top profile.  Here is the first Amazing Casting Resin pour, love how quickly it sets. I wanted the hair to have a lot of dimension, so I decided to mix small amounts so I could give even more dimension.

Here is a close up, can you see the other face?  I used a little too much mod podge so I went over it with the ink pads and I love how it made the color deeper, thinking I might used mod podge by itself just to give the paints a richer color from now on. 

Here it is, the first cast of resin all colored, this resin takes any painting material, I've used different brands and they all work great, here I used Viva Decor 3D paint in black.

Now to add more resin, here you can see the second pour already set, it's solid white, and the last one was added also around the tissue paper, adding the plastic mesh that was cut and placed around the tissue paper, the resin in this case served as an adhesive. 

Now it was time to bring out more paints, I used several Viva Decor paints, but also several of my paint pens, I used Marvy Uchida Garden Craft markers, using my fingers to work in all the colors.

Here is a close up, we are all different, inside and out, the way I see it, in nature you will never find two flowers that are exactly alike in every way, that's how I see us, different and unique.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

From my Art Journal

Hi there, this is a little painting that I made, see I started keeping an art journal, I have many pocket size sketch books I filled out over time, now I decided to keep a journal no bigger than 6X8 so it fits in my purse, along with some pens for coloring in.  At home I use distress minis from Tim Holtz to do a back ground on several pages at once, this way I can just sketch/draw onto the pages whenever I feel inspired. 

I have posted several photos of finished pages on my facebook page, and a couple of friends ask if they could buy some, now I never thought about selling these, so I said I would make them a bit bigger for them to buy.  

Here are some photos from some of the pages from my art journal.  

I chose these two pages to make them bigger, now I did not keep track of what and how these were done, again, it was not my intention to sell - I just wanted to draw/paint as inspiration kicked in.  I'm keeping my journal as is, for these pages are double sided.  I will try and take photos of my next art journal, since I'm done with my first one.

I love to paint, pretty much on anything and with everything I have on hand.  I used distress minis, plaids fabric paints and markers, sharpies, paint pens, and Viva Decor's paper soft paints.  My goal is to hopefully be inspired to paint/draw/sketch at least once a day, every day. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just for fun!!

I was lucky to win an amazing supply of Smoothfoam products back in December and I want to share a small project, for starters; there will be lots more to come, I promise.

Now here in Indiana, we've had lots of snow this winter, and some weekends we've had to stay indoors and off the roads, this past weekend was one of those for me.  So I got crafty, worked on several projects and well I decided to make something simple to test how some of my favorite products would work on Smoothfoam.

This was my win from the Smoothfoam blog giveaway.

 First, I took some 3D Viva Decor paints and colored the smoothfoam in two colors.  While the paint dried I took my Quick Snippers by LIMIRI, LLC and cut some strips of yellow Rowlux film.

I used my handy Westcott knife to cut slits all the way around in the middle of the smoothfoam deep enough to press the edge of the Rowlux strips into the foam then folding the strips to the top half of the smoothfoam  ball where all the strips were held together with a beaded pin. 

I took some viva decor glitter and added a bit in between all the Rowlux strips to break off the color since my paint and rowlux turned out to be almost the same in color. Now that I was done painting and adding the Rowlux film in place it was time to embellish. I, like many people in Indiana and surrounding states are wishing for Spring, that is why I used the nice bright colors in paint, so I looked for flowers and butterflies to add, but before that, I had to do something to the center of the ball, to cover up where I pushed the Rowlux film since I pushed and bent the film, first choice was ribbon, but decided to go with some of Ranger's metal tape I added some glossy accents to the metal tape to make sure it would stay in place. 

Finding the perfect dimensional flowers and butterflies, I used glossy accents on these embellishments too, I wanted to make sure they would not fall off.  To finish this project I took a little bit of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and added to the flowers and butterflies to make them look as if they had a glossy finish, some what like glass.
Adding Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the paper embellishments makes them look prettier as if they were made of glass and not paper.
This is a very simple project and is my very first smoothfoam project, I say the fun is just beginning, I need to play around using some of my most favorite materials in crafting.  Till next time,we'll see what I use next to decorate all my fun smoothfoam goodies. Thinking some ribbons, fabric, duck tape, clay, etc..... 

Here is a top view of the smoothfoam ball with a ribbon added as hanger.

This post is not sponsored by any company, but I will add the links to their sites because I like to share products that I tried and liked, so here are the links to the companies for the products I used on this project

smoothfoam ball
amazing clear cast resin
Quick Snippers
3D stamp and glitter paint pens
Glossy accents and metal tape

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just for You!!!!

I decided to create a small little album, that can be given as a Valentine gift.  I figured the person giving this can either add messages, notes, quotes, photos that relate to both the giver and the person receiving this gift.

I have a lot of Maya Road albums, so I decided it was time to start using these.  I took a pumpkin album and thought it looked like an upside down tulip flower, so I decided to go ahead and use it as if it was a flower.

First thing I did is added color to the album pages, I used an ink pad and well lets just say my hands ended up the same color too.  Once all the ink was dried, I traced one album page on several pages of valentine scrapbook pages I had on hand.  I used Quick Snippers to cut out the shape because it allows me to have 6 different design scissors on hand, all housed in one handy tool, it also includes a straight edge as you can see on the photos below, I used the straight edge to cut out around the sides and bottom of the shape, and then all the other design scissors were used to cut the tops, I had to cut these smaller than the page, I needed some of the inked pages to show.

The photo below shows the top page of the album, I decided to use Rowlux film to go on the cover page, I love the transparency of this film but the white didn't work the way I wanted, you could see the cut out areas of the original pumpkin design, so I decided to use pink Rowlux instead and I only used it in the center of the page, I took different scrapbook papers to cover the sides of the front and back , and the pink Rowlux worked better with the rest of the papers and colors used, now I had all my pages done, cut and ready to be put together, I did use Glossy Accents to adhere the Rowlux to the album page.

Front page's first option, didn't quite work, so I moved on to other color option

Front page of album

Back page of album

Now the fun part for me, is to put all the pages together, I went and looked for anything I could use for Valentine's day in my  cabinet, I have like 6 drawers full of embellishments, and not to mention my own hand cut hand made flowers I make, I used these on the front page of my album (see photo of front page above).

On this photo you can see I took a Prima ink pad and added color to all the edges of the papers to give them a finished look. 

Below, shows the glue I used to adhear all the papers to the album pages, this glue worked great on this project.  It really is the first time I used it.  I usually use glossy accents for all my paper crafting.

Now here are all my album pages glued together and waiting for the final embellishments.

I wanted to add individual photos of each completed page, but realized it would only make this post longer, so I decided to just show two photos, each shows all the album pages completed.

This photo shows the front side of the album pages

This photo shows the back side of all the album pages.

Now I could have added a lot more stuff, I've seen albums done by others with a lot of embellishments, that look stunning, but I decided to use less and leaving enough room so that the person getting this album can personalize it to her(his) liking.  I hope you like this project, and that I've inspired you to get creative, make time for crafting, or get creative in your own way, whenever I find some #Cre8time I feel relaxed and accomplished.  

Creativity is everywhere, in everything and in everyone!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Broken Heart... No More!!

The other day my daughter came to me all sad, and handed me a tiny heart pendant, it was a gift form one of my sisters, it has a lot of sentimental value.  The back of the heart fell off and the tiny little pink beads that were inside it fell out, she was not able to find the backing or the beads. She loves this necklace so she asked me if I could do something to fix it.

I had been working on some resin projects and had some left over glittered resin it just happened to be big enough to cut out a heart to use as a back for the pendant.    

I took an ink pad and applied to the tiny heart so it would transfer to a piece of white paper so I would be able to cut the heart out in the right size and create a template I could use to cut out a tiny heart of the resin leftover.

I placed the three crystals inside the heart pendant, added a little of the glossy accents to the edge of the heart and placed the little glittered resin heart I cut and placed it on the glossy accents, it dried pretty fast and now my daughter can wear her favorite heart necklace, sure is not the same as before, but she can still wear it and she loves it. 

A simple repair to fix this little broken heart, it was fun and easy.  As I worked on my other project I had all these tiny pieces left of the glittered resin and was about to toss them away, but kept them, so glad I did, because it helped me fix this tiny heart, so next time you craft, keep your leftovers, you just never know when they might come in handy.

Here are two photos of the heart necklace all ready to be worn again.

This is the back of the pendant showing the glittered resin piece used as the new back for this heart
Here is the front of the pendant, you can see the crystals inside and the pretty glittered resin on the back
Materials used:
Glossy Accents
Westcott scissors
Amazing Clear Cast Resin glittered sheet (left over piece)
Three small swarovski crystals in three different pink colors