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Welcome to our DCC Blog Hop with Marabu Creative USA products.  Make sure you start at the beginning of the hop click on the link above to start at the beginning.

I love to paint and I jumped at the chance to try some of the products from this brand.  This hop is sponsored by Marabu Creative USA products.  Let me tell you a little bit about the two products I received.

Porcelain & Glass Paint Markers  these are high-gloss porcelain and glass paint markers.  Ideal for painting on porcelain, ceramic, glass, Plexiglas and much more.  Pump system with highly pigmented ink, these are dishwasher safe after hat setting, they are water based, easy to use, they are permanent once heat set, and are available in two nib sizes

Porcelain Paints  this is a medium viscosity and highly pigmented, water-based paint designed for glazed and unglazed ceramic.  It can also be used on other surfaces such as Plexiglas, vinyl, and polypropylene. This paint becomes dishwasher safe after 3 days or you can heat set by baking in the oven at 320F for 30 minutes.  This is a water based porcelain paint, saliva resistant, can be air-brushed, and comes in a wide color range.

I decided to try  theses products on glass, ceramic and Plexiglas. I have to admit it was fun to be able to use the markers on the glasses I made for my daughter, it was fun and easy and she loved the final result.

Here is what I used to decorate these wine glasses for my daughter. I wanted an ombre effect using red, so I added white to make two lighter colors , I wanted the bottom of the glass to be darker so I used black on the stem and the base.

It was so easy to make the red dots on the glass with the medium size marker I got.  

Here you can see the different colors and sizes of the dots I used.  I loved how it turned out, it was so easy to mix the colors to make different pinks.  Also the paint dried pretty fast. 

Here you can see the bottom of the stem and the base of the glass.

Here are the finished glasses, ready for "wine".  My daughter loved them.

Now for my second project, I had purchased an after Christmas gift set from Petco for my Charlie to enjoy and for me to drink my coffee at home.  Below you can see the mug, it had some white dots and a few tiny white paws, the bottom of the mug was blank so I new I had room to decorate.

Below you can see the products I used, I took some of the white porcelain paint to create more paws from the dots already on the mug, once these dried, I added tiny little black dots on the little toes with the black porcelain paint. 

Here you can see I added the name Charlie with black and white dots on the bottom of the mug, there was nothing there so it was perfect to add the name. 

Here I brushed the word "woof" with black porcelain paint, then once dried I added some white dots.  My personalized mug is ready for coffee or tea.

For my final piece I decided to use a 5x7 beveled edge frame from Deflecto that I had on hand.  I had been waiting for a fresh idea to decorate it.  As I looked through my sketchbooks for inspiration, one of my drawings caught my eye and decided to use it to decorate  the frame using the porcelain paints.  I used the end of my paint brushes to make the dots on this piece, it turned out beautiful, I added a photo of my daughter and it now sits in my office. I was in such a rush to get this started once I got the idea, that I forgot to take a photo of the blank frame.

Below you see the beginning.  it took like two coats of the black paint to get the look I was going for, the white worked perfect on this material.

Here you can see how I added all the different size of black dots to the frame. 


Here is the finished frame, I added red to make the colors pop. 

Here is the finished frame, with a photo of my daughter, it sits on my desk now.  I really liked the patterns on this, I think I might make two more in a similar stile for my son's photos.

This is my drawing, the middle part was the inspiration for my frame. 

If you haven't used these paints, I suggest you give them a try, I can't wait to get more colors and try some of their other products.  I love the ease of use, and how great you can mix colors together to create more colors.  I hope my projects inspire you to get creative.  I love painting and I had so much fun that it was hard to stop at three projects.


Provided by Marabu
Porcelain and Glass Painter

porcelain paints

Deflecto 5x7 beveled edge frame
Ceramic Mug
Wine Glasses
Assorted paint brushes

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