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Welcome to our May Blog Hop - Sponsored by Expo International.  Please start at the beginning,there's a "Treasure Chest of Trims" giveaway, all you have to do after visiting all the blogs comment on the DCC blog about your favorite projects to be entered to win!! simple right?  Here is the link to the start point DCC Blog .

I received some really fun trims from this company, as soon as I opened the package and saw them I knew I had to make some fun jewelry.

I used the Deanna beaded pom pom trim which is approximately 1/2" in width to create my first project.   I decided to increase the width of this trim by crocheting with some white beading wire and at the same time add some beads to match the tiny gold beads in between the pom poms, I added beading wire to each end of the bracelet to finish and add a clasp.  

Here is a photo of the Deanna beaded pom pom trim 
 Below is a photo that shows some of the materials I used to crochet, the gold beads and the beading findings to finish up my bracelet

Below you can see how much wider the bracelet is with all the crocheting I did, after I decide to go back over the bracelet with the beads, I wanted the beads to be added over the crocheted part, so that you can see all the tiny beads more. It took a while but loved the end result.

 Here is a close up of the process, each tiny little bead was added, one at a time.


 Below you can see what the trim looked like before and after.  

The bracelet is all done, I could have made it smaller but this is intended to be used with multiple bracelets as you will see on a photo at the end of this post.

I had to make another bracelet with this fun trim as it is, without changing it. I decided to use my memory wire for this new bracelet. I removed some of the tiny gold beads and tiny pom poms from the ends of the trim to use as dangles at the end of my bracelet. 

It was so much faster to make this bracelet, all I did was wrap the trim over the memory wire then use beading wire to wrap around the trim, this allowed me to completely cover the wire with the trim.

At each end I made a loop, then attached the gold beads and pom poms dangles to finished this memory wire bracelet.

Here are the two pom pom bracelets I made, perfect size, very colorful and comfortable on my wrist. 

I decided to make a choker for my daughter to wear, I used  the Kaspar beaded pom pom fringe,  besides the beaded pom poms the pattern on it is very pretty, I thought this would be perfect to create a choker just the way it is.  

I took apart a black zipper and decided to use it as a back for my choker, I liked the idea of the teeth from the zipper to show on the edge of the trim, as you can see on the photo below.   I added a clasp, chain and the choker was done, simple and very pretty, my daughter loved it.

Here is the finished choker, very colorful and festive.  Ready to be worn with a summer outfit.

I love creating jewelry with fun products, these trims were just perfect to make some fun trimmed jewelry, I can see this added so some nice tank tops and shorts to be worn in the summer time, there's so much that can be created, tell me what would you do with these fun trims?

I received the following items for this blog hop from Expo International:

Kaspar beaded pom pom fringe trim
Deanna beaded pom pom multi colors
Shanti 2 multi color fringe trim


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