pink water bottle headband

These are the materials I used to make a headband today during lunch - I thought maybe adding part of a water bottle would give the headband some shape.

this is the part of the water bottle that I used on this project

here you can see the part of the water bottle - as you can see it does give it shape - this will be the part of the headband that goes on the top of your head - it curves it a little so it will sit nicely on your head.

here you can see the finished head band base!

I added some eazy start tape to the part that has the water bottle band!

Here I took some white duck tape and covered it with the eazy start tape folded 2/3's and left the bottom exposed - I will need this glue part to adhere the tape to the headband - I'm going to make a fringed flower.

Here you can see the cuts I made to the tape - getting it ready to make a flower

Here is the finished headband - I will add some velcro to the ends so it can be wrapped around the head!

Here is a close up of the flower- right now is held with duck tape - when I get home I will use my hi temp hot glue - it's a two piece flower that i made.  Hope you like this project - I will have my daughter try it out and hope that it works the way I imagined it.

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