Quick Snippers + Paper = Jewelry & Accessories!!

I was asked to make some jewelry and hair accessories by using Quick Snipper and paper.  Now I have done jewelry with just about everything, from recycled clothes, beads, yarn, clay, duck tape, but not once did I think about using paper, until I was invited by LIMIRI, LLC to design some jewelry and accessories for them using the great Quick Snippers - what is Quick Snippers?  it's a great tool that consists of 6 scissors in one, each has a different design pattern.  These are just a few of the items I have created.  I have to admit that at the beginning I asked myself how can I use paper to create jewelry. Well after I cut my first shape, it was easy to just keep on cutting different papers and I was hooked.  I love making jewelry, love creating new designs every time.  I am so happy I was invited to make paper jewelry with this great tool.  Now lets face it a lot of us craft on the go, I know I do, weather it's paper, clay or duck tape; I always have something with me to create when I have some free time.  I used to carry like 10 different scissors before, you know to cut paper with different shapes.  Now I only have to carry one tool and have six different shapes to chose from, it's made crafting on the go for me much easier and because I don't have to carry six different scissors, I can carry more paper, beads .......
Hope you like these items, I really enjoyed making them.


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