A New Face Lift!!! A New Purpose!!!

I am all about trying to do my best when it comes to recycle.  At work, I save all my paper and get it shredded, then I take the bags to the recycling bins found outside the school in my block or my kids old elementary school. At home we get recycling picked up every other week.  Well I started using recycled items into my crafts.  And I am showing you here my last recycled project, which found a new home right on my front door.

So at work I also recycle the backs of my desk calendar, the back cover of my writing tablets, and so on.  I was at work one day last week during my lunch break and drew a heart on some cardboard, I have an old book I'm turning into a journal, so I tored up some pages, had a Starbucks paper bag, and started making rolled paper flowers in different sizes, I remembered I had purchased an old dress pattern from a second hand store and made some flowers of that too.  I used Westcott's titanium scissors, (which I keep in my purse all the time, you never know when you will need them) and got started.

Here is my heart shape image, ready to be cut 

here is my heart completely covered with the rolled paper flowers I made using book pages, brown paper bag and dress pattern paper all were glued using  Ranger's Glossy Accents.

So over the weekend I finished this project, I took some glitter mist and sprayed the flowers, then I took my hot glue gun and added some white lace to the back of the heart all around , once all the lace was glued, I took more of the glitter mist and sprayed the lace and the flowers a bit more, took  part of the lace to make the hanger and glued it to the back as well. I decided to add some feathers in pink and white in some areas, not all around, just to bring something else into the project.  Here is the final project, hope you like this.  I really had fun taking some old items and giving them a new face lift, a new purpose!
Here is what i used to finish this project.

Here is the final project!

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