Festive Friday Hop!!!!

Good morning to everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving day with all your loved ones.  I have to say it was great to see all my family and friends yesterday, we had so much food, we has lots of left overs. The kids performed by playing the piano, the violin and dancing to hip hop music.  Well it's time for the last Festive Friday Hop for 2011 - I was not able to find my camera chord until just now - it seems I had it inside my car all along.  Well since I'm at work and not able to take a photo of my card I want to share the cards I made years ago for my family and friends.  I wanted to make a card they could enjoy year after year as an ornament.  I hope you enjoy these as well.

To start at the beginning go back to Terri's site http://terrisproul.blogspot.com/2011/11/festive-friday.html. Did you come from http://craftyscentiments.blogspot.com/2011/11/festive-friday-blog-hop-21.html.  If not,  please go back and make sure you go back and visit her blog first.

These greeting ornaments were made by using (letter size sheets were used for each of these cards)
Shrinkable plastic, color pencils and my  kitchen oven, these are the one's I made for my kids and I still have these - they go up on my tree every year. I didn't have a camera when I made them quite a few years back. they still look the same as when I made them, but I was not able to photograph all the ones I gave away, but they  were all precious moments.

Thank you for stopping by hope you enjoy these cards I made long ago  and please make sure to 

more inspiration and hope you stop by for the next FF Hop in 2012.  Happy Holidays to 



  1. So lovely, so creative, so many...love to see your pleasure in creating. May they be received with as much joy as you put into making them :))

  2. thanks so much for being apart of this hop this past year..


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