Creating with Rowlux® Illusion Film!

I am so excited to use a new product in my crafting projects.  This new product is called Rowlux® Illusion Film and is made in the USA.  It comes in a divers range of amazing eye-catching colors and patterns.  The creative possibilities for this product are endless, the way it manipulates light to create dazzling visual effects will inspire anyone to step out of the box and create just about anything.  I love making jewelry and I love making flowers out of different materials, so I had to go ahead and try this new product to see how I could incorporate it into these two types of project. 

I have to admit that the colors, patterns and illusions you get from these sheets of film are stunning, at first I really didn't want to cut them up, they looked so pretty. 

Here are photos of the projects I created.
As you can see this bracelet was made by flowers I created from the Rowlux® Illusion Film by using two colors and a two part epoxy to adhere them to the jewelry blanks. Due to the size of these flowers I used pliers to created the folds to make them dimensional. I used Viva Decor's Crystal Gel in Hologram to add sparkle to the edges of the outer flowers, then glued some Swarovski crystal pearls in gold and  copper alternating these in the centers of the flowers

For these bracelets I loved the heart and flower cut outs in each frame that I decided to instead of adding photos, I used the Rowlux® Illusion Film as the inserts and what I loved about these two, is that you get to see the different effects of the product, and are still able to see the beautiful designs of the bracelets.

Here is a photo of the necklace I made. 

Here is the front of my necklace - I added a little bit of color to the edges of this pretty flower by using Viva Decor Inka-gold in red, I used Quick Snippers to cut this flower because I wanted a design on the edge, due to the size of this flower I was able to create the folds by hand. I used Beadalon wire to add the beads in the center and to make this a pendant, added a silver chain, and it is now ready to wear. 

This is the back of the flower, you can see the dimension you get by folding the material. 

I had to go ahead and make a few more flowers, is like once I started to work with this product, I just kept making more flowers.  Two of these flowers I used a lighter to shape the edges of my petals, and you have to work really fast, the heat softens the material but in order to shape it you have to do it really fast. My yellow flower shows a little bit of brown on the edge of the petals due to the heat of the fire. 

What I really liked about this product besides the eye-catching colors and patterns is how you can cut it with different types of cutting tools, you can shape it by hand or by using pliers - I did both for my flowers, some I just shaped by folding by hand and others by using pliers and had the same results. you can add paint if you want to , the possibilities of use are endless, I can think of so many other ways to utilize this product that I recommend you give it a try.   You can purchase  Rowlux® Illusion Film by going to their website and order directly from them  or by going to Amazon

Here are the materials I used to make the bracelets

These the other tools I used to create the Necklace and the Inka Gold in red from Viva Decor is what I used to color the edge of the flower on my necklace

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