Jewelry Remake for Fall

This summer my sister found a way to get me to walk, she asked me if I would take her to a couple of garage sales, she was looking for yard stuff, like pots, plants, etc.  I have knee problems, and walking/standing is very painful, so I figure I would just drive her and wait in the car.  Well she was pretty smart and made me take her to sub-division's garage sales in different areas in Indiana.  Ok, so I did not wait in the car, I walked, and yes it was painful, but after weeks of doing this, not only did I get the exercise and movement I needed but some good old vitamin D, and some awesome finds.  

I looked for stuff I could use in my crafting, specially old jewelry pieces, even if they were broken, it didn't matter, if I thought I could use it, I bought it.  In one of my week end trips with my sister I found a pretty nice necklace, now I'm not a necklace person, but I liked the colors of the stones and the metal, it was a bit too heavy and too much for me to wear, I personally like simple necklaces if I'm going to wear them at all, and  the jewelry I make has to be comfortable, light to be worn all day if needed (specially earrings).

Here is the necklace, as you can see you have a two piece necklace, the metal part made it too heavy for me and not simple enough, so I took it apart.

This shows the first re-design idea, the bracelet, I liked how it looked so I put it together. 

Now you can see in the two photos below how the bracelet came out, I put it on, but didn't like how the metal parts hung, it just didn't feel right, so I took it all apart again, and played with all the metal pieces and the tiny blue beads for a bit until I found a new design I liked.

Now below is a photo of the final bracelet, this I liked, it looks a lot better when I wear it.  Now, as I mentioned I don't really care for necklaces, but I decided to take some of the extra chain and if you add to the bracelet you can ether make it a double bracelet or a necklace, so is a one piece item that you have the option to wear it in two totally different ways

 Here is a photo of the earrings I made to match both the bracelet and the ring.

Now I have a thing for rings, I had to make one for this set, but I didn't have enough of the orange/red stones, so I took my Amazing Crafting Products and made one so I could have a full set.  If you want to know how I made this ring, check out this link later on today, my post on how to make this resin ring will be up maybe you have a jewelry set you like but don't have a ring to match, well this might give you an idea of how to make your own.   I worn this set once, and I had several persons, ask if I could sell it or make them their own, so I might be making some new sets based on this idea in the near future, I'm thinking of all the different colors I could make using different dyes, it is fun when you feel inspired by something you made yourself.  This ring is so light and fun to wear, the resin is very light.

Well I hope this post inspires you to get creative and have fun wearing your own creations. 


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