Resin, resin, resin, so much fun!!!

I'm a guest designer over at and have been working with all their different products.  I love everything so far, yes I have learned to make molds, to play with clear and casting resin, to use dyes and metallic powders, it has been a very amazing experience.  I love that I can use these products in many other ways, not just making molds and pouring resin to make objects.  I hate wasting, so in the process of learning how to use resin, I had some spillage here and there and once the resin was dried in the plastic cup I was using, I found it it comes right off, in the shape of the bottom of the cup, and is so easy to cut, so I've kept a few to use later on.

Well this past weekend I felt like playing around with some of the resin and some of the stuff I've done already, so I made these two images to be used as Halloween cards, but after looking at them for a bit longer, I think I might convert these into Halloween frames or plaques.

I just took materials I had on hand;
Halloween images I cut last year and papers I had inked up and stamped with Halloween images last year. The spider web, spider and owls I made using amazing mold putty and amazing cast resin, copper, gun metal and gold metallic powders
Red, black and white Plaid's paints
Crystal trim I got from Michaels, can't remember the brand name.
Black feathers I had left over from prom
Paper flowers I made using velum color papers and cut with Quick Snippers to give decorative edges to the flowers.
Black glitter lace and black wired glitter ribbon on hand
Left over resin that had started to set and could not use, so I just pour it over paper, well I was able to use some of this resin to make the moon on the pumpkin card, the purple behind the pumpkin is resin too, the word boo and the ghost on the hat were hand cut from resin left overs too.

Close up of the Witch's hat card

Close up of the pumpkin card

It was really a lot of fun creating these two items, I love crafting, but I love it even more when I don't have a plan to follow, when I create as I go along.  Is like brainstorming, just take what ever comes to mind and  play around until you like what you see.  It's fun not knowing what the final project is going to look like, until you are done!!! I still see these as part of a fun frame, or maybe a wall hanging, I think these can be more than just Halloween cards. 

What is creativity? Creativity is endless!!!..................You can make IT, if you can imagine IT!!

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