DIY, Colorful Etched Glass Pots!!

Hi there, today I want to share a pretty colorful and fun project.  I wanted to play around with my etching cream and before going to a bigger glass piece, I took these little ones and decided to etch a pattern on them.  I've never used a brush to apply etching cream on my glass projects, but today I wanted to do something different, I wanted an unusual pattern, instead of using a stencil or the designer tips to etch, I wanted to see brush strokes, this could only happen if I used a brush, something you normally don't want as a result on your piece unless that's what you are going for.

I wanted a pattern on my glass pieces that somewhat would resemble a basket weave look.  So I took out a few paint brushes that had hard bristles so I could get the etching design I was looking for.

On the photo below you can see how I applied the etching cream, I left it alone for 15 minutes before rinsing it off,  Had I done this project using a stencil to show a checker pattern, I would have applied the cream more heavy and would have removed the extra cream back in the bottle, however the way I applied it, it was a very thin application, and it pretty much dried on the glass, so I really didn't have any cream to return back to the bottle.

Here are a few close-ups of the etched glasses, you can see the brush strokes left behind.  

Time to rinse off the etching cream and see what I had to work with.  I liked the effect I got on these two glass containers, now I had to figure out how to add paints without covering up all the etched areas.

I liked the etching results, the idea of painting these without following any specific lines is like been able to color outside the lines. I can't wait to do this again.

I played around for a while, adding crimson and green, then adding some yellow and some gray, finally a bit of black paint to bring out the pretty bright colors even more, I managed to leave enough clear etched areas on these.  I love the bright colors and I think I want to make a few more, maybe I'll bring out some of my ethnic sketches I keep so I can have more fun etching and painting. 

These are ready to hold some pretty flowers, or candies, or maybe these can be my new size tequila shot glasses.

Materials used:

Etchall Eetching Creme
Ashland Glass flower pot votive holder from Michaels
Pebeo vitrail paints
Paint brushes


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