Frosted Etched Wedding Glass!!!

Hi there, I want to share a fun project I made using Etchall's etching products.  This project was inspired from pins I found on Pinterest. I had to make it my own, so I made it a fun dress with a corset back for fun. 

So let's start with the wedding dress glass.  I used two rubber bands to create the top of the dress, I added resist gel over the rubber bands to keep them from moving and as a protective barrier against the etchall® créme.

Here you can see how I applied the gel, when wet it looks green, but once it dries it looks clear and it's very easy to peel off.  Here you can see my first idea was to add buttons to the back instead of the corset, but I didn't care for it, so once the gel dried I just peeled off the tiny dots of gel.

I took the etchmask and cut very thin strips to create the corset back part of the dress. 

 Here it all starts, adding the strips of etchmask.

Here you can see the criss cross added, I had to remove the strips quite a few times to make sure they were evenly spaced, good thing is this product is removable.

At the bottom of the glass I used the resist gel to design a flower trim and some little dots to show a pattern once the etching cream is removed. I didn't want to use tulle like everyone else on Pinterest. 

Now time to start etching and hope this glass turns out the way I imagined it.   I used a Popsicle stick to spread the etching cream on the glass, as you can see below.  As instructed you need to wait 15 minutes for the etching cream to work correctly.  This cream is reusable, so I removed as much cream as I could and returned it back to the original container.  Next you rinse off whats left on the glass under running water,caution this product will etch porcelain or ceramic sinks.

Here you have the glass, all etching cream was rinsed off, dried the glass and you can see the gel and the etchmask are still on the glass.  Look at all the etched glass, all frosted. 

Below you can see the gel and etchmask all removed.

Here it is the bride's glass is all etched, ready for a bit of embellishment is needed.  I like how this looks, no painting to be done on this glass.  Here you can see the front and the back of the glass, you can see all the details added on the bottom created with the resist gel.

To finish up this pretty bride's glass, I added a little bit of embellishment by adding some glitter glue to the top of the dress and then adding some white beads to create the illusion of a necklace, at the bottom of the glass I outlined the flower design  with the same glitter glue, then added little drops on the circles created with the gel, just a little sparkle to finish this up.

Here is a top view of the finished glass.

As much as I love to paint, I'm glad I decided to etch the image of the dress on this glass, love, love the subtle frosted look I achieved.  Mr. Tuxedo will be next, stay tuned.  

If you've never tried etching on glass before, I hope this project inspires you to give it a try, click on this link Etchall to go and get your starter kit, you will see how easy, fun and addictive etching is. 


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