Recycling is Fun and Creative!!!

Thanks to a post a friend shared on Face Book, I took a string of lights that sparked on me when I was trying to use them outside, so I took off all the bulbs and the spare ones too and decided to turn them into ornaments, I thought about making jewelry too but the ornament idea won.  All I did was paint them over using Viva Decor's precious metal paints in gold and silver, to most of the bulbs.

As you can see on the photos below, l used Viva Decor's precious metal paints in gold and silver to paint the most of the orange light bulbs, to some I just added some glitter by using Viva's glitter liner pens in copper, gold and fuchsia colors.  I did use some distress glitter in red and green from Ranger.   

Once dried, I added wire hangers to all the light bulbs, added some gold snowflake wired garland to the neck of the bulbs and I did go over all the bulbs with more glitter and paints to add designs and patterns adding interest and dimension.


I brought some of the ornaments to my office to decorate my little Christmas tree.  Below is a photo of my tiny tree with my recycled ornaments

 I have more that I will be giving away, some that I might add resin and crystals too and maybe just maybe make some festive necklaces.

I love crafting, to me crafting is my way of relaxing, a way to escape of the troubles and issues I face everyday, and to be able to recycle into my crafts is even more rewarding to me.  I hope to have inspired you to not only get creative, but to include some type of recycled material, every little bit helps. 

Materials used:

Viva Decor's products
  • Precious metal paints in gold and silver
  • Glass effect gel in carmine and green
  • Glitter pen in fuchsia, copper, gold, silver and hologram
  • Crystal gel in hologram color
Other products used:
  • Paint brushes
  • Silver and gold wire
  • Gold snowflake wired garland
  • Pliers
  • Tim Holtz distress glitter in red and green
 (not a sponsored project)


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