Wood tag frames covered with polymer clay, used wire and beads for hanger
I made all the big beads, used white polymer clay and used small pieces of yarn and thread from recycled jeans to color in the beads, use store bought beads as spacers 
I made all these beads out of different colors of polymer clay, different size and shapes
these are two of my polymer clay rose rings, strung on wire with silver beads on each side of the ring, made other rings in different colors and smaller size
I made all of these beads out of polymer clay 
these are also polymer clay beads, but much smaller that I made
small wood frames that are covered in polymer clay, gold foil and pearl effects paint, used stamps to make impressions on the clay before baking them. 
these are wood switch light plates that are covered in polymer clay,  also painted in some areas 
polymer clay covered bic pens, first attempt. 

polymer clay bracelet with decals

I got some paper clay last week, and have been working with it.  It is the first time I try this product and let's just say that it is one of the best material I've used. I work with polymer clay also and love it as well.  But I must admit that the paper clay has inspired me to create more.  One thing I been wanting to do is  take a class working with clay, using the wheel, making something new with my own two hands.  well this paper clay inspires me to do the same, I love creating something completely new, not from a sketch or from some one else.  Here are some pictures of items that I have done with polymer clay so far. this is something I'm learning on my own,  sorta like playing around with the clay to see what comes out,  really want to learn as much as I can, I really like working with polymer clay.

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