So, I love flowers - specially when they don't die.  I made all of the flowers used on all the hair accessories you see here - I made these last weekend.  And last night I made lots and lots and lots more flowers - I will be stitching them together during my lunch break soon.  Hope you enjoy looking at these - I hate to have to sell them but I've done so much this year I have no choice....  here are pictures of some of the hair clips I've done and pony tail holders

blue satin flower hair clips

red satin hair clips

hair clip

hair clip

hair clip

ponytail holders

ponytail holder

ponytail holder

ponytail holder

ponytail holder

ponytail holder with a t-shirt flower

Below are pictures of the headbands.....
headband with three recycled flowers - the materials came from a floral top and a white t-shirt i recycled

another headband with similar flowers these one only has 2 flowers

the flower on this headband came from a recycled t-shirt and the center piece from a recycled piece of jewelry

headband with recycled fabric flowers

headband with recycled fabric flower and white tulle

purple headband with a white t-shirt flower

blue headband with two t-shirt rosettes 

this headband has a rose I made out of both duct tape and fabric - this is the first project I make that includes both materials - so far I have made flowers of either only duct tape or fabric this is my first try to see how it comes out and I like the effect.

this black headband has a flower I made out of cream satin with green tulle - it is my favorite and the flower is pretty big  compared to the other flowers I've done pictured here - I am going to make some more big flowers - actually I will be working on some shortly..

here is a side view of the headband just to show the size of the flower

here is a pink headband with a white flower I made there is pink tulle on the bottom of the flower, this flower too is  bigger then the others

blue headband with a fabric flower

clear headband with sheer fabric flower

another view 

black plastic headband with red sheer fabric flower and tulle

red headband with red sheer fabric flower and green tulle

white fabric headband with cream sheer fabric flower and green tulle

another view

pink fabric headband with two light pink satin flowers  with  light pink tulle 

another view

this metal headband is wrapped with dark blue fabric from a recycled tank top - used  glitter blue paint to add sparkle 

black hairband with pink tulle and light pink satin flower

white hair band with a white sheer fabric flower and green tulle

pink hair band with sheer fabric flower and tulle

green hair band with sheer fabric flower and green tulle

brown hair band with two sheer fabric flowers with tulle

blue hair band with two off-white sheer fabric flowers and tulle

this headband is made out of a recycled t-shirt added some tulip glitter white paint and  rhinestones 


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