Friday, May 6, 2011


Now I have lots of scrapbook materials - yet this is how I scrapbook - I take wood frames and decorate them - now I don't have any idea of what colors, embellishments, papers or paints I'm going to need - so that means I have to have everything on hand and just let my imagination go WILD! so far I LOVE every single frame that I have done.  I've posted some previously but here are the latest additions - still have more to work on but for now I'm going to concentrate on making my own embellishments to use on all my projects from home decor to accessories and anything else that I can think of making.   I believe that crafting is not only a way for me to relax from all the daily stress - but it keeps my BRAIN active and functional (well at least I noticed my memory is better).  I strongly believe that crafting is exercise for my brain, now if only it could be exercise for my body - it would just be awesome! but enough talk (writing) time to get the pictures here.
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