I like contests, specially when it comes to crafts.  I was busy working on making some flowers out of fabric and realized that I couldn't find the tomato pin cushion I got from the store years ago, then I remember the contest and well the need for a cushion was immediate so here is what I used:

materials used:
bottle of water from recycle bin

Fabric Tac glue
Plaids - Extreme glitter pains in purple and green (emerald)
Westcott non stick scissors/cutting blade
scrap of purple fabric

1. with no idea on what I was going to make - I started by cutting the bottom of the water bottle,
2. cut some slits half way down -
3. shaped the strips/slits into petals and pushed them down as hard as possible
4. took the glitter paint and using my fingers painted the petals on both sides
5. took the purple fabric, wrapped the batting with the fabric
6. added the glue to the inside of the water bottle (bottom part) both in the bottom and all the sides
7. placed the batting that was wrapped with the fabric and placed inside the bottom part of the water bottle - held in place for a few seconds
8. added some more glitter pain to the top of the purple fabric - took some green with white dots fabric and glued to the bottom part of the cushion - to add a bit of more color and sparkle I added the blue flower to the green fabric.

this project was done in just a few minutes - it was a way to make something new from recycle items that will serve a new purpose. I've done all types of crafted items, this was done so fast I surprise myself - I will be making lots more to give as gifts - I just have to come up with different shapes.

hope you enjoy my project. I sure enjoyed making it and using it - I use this every day - I craft everyday.


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